East Siberian Laika : north hunter

East Siberian Laika : north hunter
Very beautiful and hard-working hunting dog, able to become a worthy companion.All of the East Siberian Husky breed.

East Siberian husky relates to the breeds of hunting dogs.The name comes from the geographical point of origin - the Eastern Siberia, where the dog and was most widespread.The very first information about it appeared in the XIX century.The representatives of this species are considered to be the largest among all the hunting huskies.

East Siberian Husky Breed Story

These dogs were used and how to sled and hunting big and small game.Natural conditions of the native land gave East Siberian husky is very decent quality in terms of appearance and character.

large role in breeding the breed played Irkutsk kennel of hunting dogs Rospotrebsoyuza.With its help permanent official breed standard was approved in 1981.

At the moment, these dogs are widely used not only in the areas of its native habitat, but also in many other areas: the entire European part of Russia, especially in Smolensk

, Leningrad, Moscow and Tver regions, but the main population is concentrated in the Irkutsk region.Over the past decade, East Siberian Husky has also become popular among dog owners in Sweden, Norway and Finland.


East Siberian Huskies need to be strong build, above average or average height.Height of males at the withers ranges from 57 to 64 cm, females - from 53 to 60 cm

Back straight, muscular and strong..Muscular neck is proportional in length to the head.In relation to the body bias of the neck at the level of 40-50 degrees.The head is broad, with a slightly rounded back of the head.The transition between the forehead and muzzle weakly expressed.Small standing eye level to the ears are V-shaped with a rounded apex.Eyes almond shaped, with an oblique cut and a very careful look.

Legs straight, rather bony, lean, but muscular.Round or oval with tight clutches of contiguous fingers.Medium length tail is annular or sickle shape, the back is usually not affected.In some cases, dogs may walk with lowered tail.

Wool these huskies are very tough, coarse and straight, with well developed, thick, soft and very lush undercoat.


In the East Siberian huskies are very beautiful and unusual color: the main color is black, while in some places there is tan or white.

not deviate from the standards and the presence of brown in color, red, gray.The nose should be black or brown with fawn and white colors.Eye color in specimens of the breed brown or dark brown depending on the color tone.


East Siberian huskies - excellent hunters, very moving, but balanced.Enjoy unparalleled endurance, great strength and hard work.This dog without any problems, you can train and educate the right approach it is very docile character.Thanks to their kindness, they become everyone's favorite.

These pets in principle easy to get accustomed to the conditions of the city, but nature takes its, so they can not tolerate tight spaces and in need of long walks in the fresh air without a leash and good exercise.Care does not require much effort, you just comb their hair once a week.

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