Munchkin Shorthair : Jaunty korotkolapy

Munchkin Shorthair : Jaunty korotkolapy
incredibly smart and intelligent pet.All Breed Munchkin Shorthair.

Over the last century have repeatedly appeared cat with extremely short legs.But they could not be the ancestors of the new breed for a variety of reasons.If it was not a fluke and human compassion, Munchkin be waiting for the same fate.

History of breed munchkin Shorthair

history of this breed begins in the 1980s.During an evening walk one woman found a very strange cat with short legs and very intelligent expression.The lady could not resist the fascination of the animal and took him home.After some time, it was discovered that the cat is pregnant.To everyone's surprise, the offspring were born with the same disproportionately small feet, like her mother.

attend to the question, what to do with the kittens, she took them to a nearby nursery where they are interested breeders.Further crossing with other breeds showed dominance gene short legs.It is said that such a small limbs in modern munchkins - is the result of long work of se

veral nurseries.Initially they were about half as long.

Shorthair munchkin for a long time did not find acceptance.He admired at exhibitions and shows, but the way to a serious event it was closed because the animal was not recognized as a separate breed.Everything changed in 1995.The International Association of cat lovers (TICA) was the breed standard and gave the official name of "short-haired munchkin."

breed is still considered one of the rarest in Europe and America.But very different fate Munchkin in the East.In Japan and South Korea, he has gained incredible popularity.According to official statistics, about 80% of the general number of the breed live in these two countries.


Shorthair Munchkin does not differ significantly in weight.Its mass is between 2 and 4 kg.The main characteristic of the breed - a very short legs.In this case the hind legs longer than the front and always in a half-bent position.The tail of the animal's thick and long.There are no fractures and muscle development.This allows Munchkin stand on his hind legs and tail to rely on.Thus it compensates for its small size and can see the surroundings with a high point.For this feature of the breed the nickname "kangaroo".

head animal oval, tapered muzzle.The eyes are located at an average distance of each other.They are larger and often almond color.The standard allows a wide variety of shades.Ears have a triangular shape with rounded tips.

Six short and soft undercoat of medium length.Color assume any, because this breed is crossed with lots of other cats.Enough common considered Siamese coloring.It involves silver coat color and the presence of legs and black mask on the face.Not less common was color-point, and sepia.


Shorthair Munchkin - a very clever animal.He is able to remember a large number of words and guess the meaning of what the person.Easy to train, and show an interest in the process.

It is worth noting the curiosity of the breed.They tend to explore every corner.When you move to a new location, they will not rest until they know everything about it.

Munchkin is not afraid of strangers society.It is a social animal, which constantly strives to be close to someone.This breed is perfect for families with children.This cat has not been seen in aggressive behavior and features incredible patience.If she does not like a child, she just hide from it.

Care breed

munchkin love to run and frolic.They can spend hours playing with a ball and a bow.It should be taken into account when raising the animal.It should have enough free space.It is necessary to take into account the short legs of the animal - a place readily accessible to ordinary cats, for Munchkin inaccessible.

considerable role played by diet.In the first years of life is added to food or calcium, or feed the animal food with high content of trace elements.


Diseases Genetic diseases are present, but lordosis may develop in the wrong diet and lack of activity.This weakening of the muscles intended to hold the spine.When it occurs, the animal will suffer from shortness of breath and palpitations.

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