Maine Coon : mobile giant

Maine Coon : mobile giant
pet friendly and quiet with a sweet temper.All about the breed Maine Coon

Maine Coons are the result of natural selection.So far it is not known from whom they originated.Historic Site of their habitat is considered to Maine, United States.Winters in this region are extremely low temperatures and the complexity of the food search, offset by favorable conditions in the summer.All this contributed to the natural survival of only the most intelligent, and most healthy cats with long hair.

Maine Coon Breed Story

Despite the existence of this breed for centuries, the first officially registered representative is considered to be a cat, nicknamed Captain Jack.He was presented to the public at an exhibition in Boston.It is said that in the 60 years of XIX century there were no well-known in the Old or New World species, the average weight of a representative of which would exceed 5 kg.The sheer size of Maine Coon impressed all the participants and generated enormous interest in the animal.

In the second half of the XIX century the breed became popular.Breeders already preparing to send a few animals in Europe, but in the history of the case broke.Recently imported from Asia Persian cat breeders liked much more.Breed Maine Coon was able to survive only because they are beautiful and unpretentious rat-catchers.This allowed them to be widely distributed on American farms.

Interest in the breed was revived in the early XX century.Its representatives quickly spread in Europe.Their unusual appearance, intelligence and charm conquered the hearts of the audience and judges at the shows.

Currently Maine Coon lives on every continent, including Antarctica.polar stations Workers take it with you, because it is easy to adapt to difficult conditions.

breed is recognized by all the feline organizations.Standards have been developed in the XIX century.


main distinguishing feature, for which not even a man versed in the cats immediately recognize Maine Coon - its huge size.The animal weighing 9 to 15 kg.Build proportional.

The trunk is large and muscular, back straight.The tail is very long and profusely covered with hair.Gradually tapering to its tip.The neck is powerful, of medium length.

head differs considerable size.All the features of the faces are pronounced and sharp outlines.Cheeks set high.The nose is of medium length, from its very beginning there is a small depression.

animal's ears are located on the edges of the crown.They are large in size and turned slightly to one side.The distance between them is equal to half the length of the foundation.The tips of the ears are sharp, rounded standard is not recognized.It is desirable to present the brush.

Big eyes set wide, slightly slanting, but may not have this feature.Acceptable colors are amber, gold and all shades of green.

This breed has a long coat.On the shoulders and head, it is usually shorter.The undercoat is dense, if the animal lives in a climate of alternating cold and warm periods, its thickness is constantly changing.


Maine Coons are different good-natured and friendly character, which developed due to prolonged residence close to the man.This breed is quite aggressive.

Animal easy to get along with other cats.Because of its large size, even large dogs behave with him gently.Most lovely cats love my family, without giving preference to one person.Ideally suited as a pet in homes and apartments with children.

Until 4-5 years animal at different mobility and vigor.It will run around and look into every corner of the house.Gradually the activity drops to normal levels.


breed Maine Coon has a very long and falling hair.It requires constant care of the animal owners, especially during molting.The optimal brushing 3-4 times a week.In this case it is best to use a special brush with plastic teeth.

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