Dangerous vacation

Dangerous vacation
Going on a vacation in exotic countries, we should not forget about such deadly diseases as plague and yellow fever.

holiday season in full swing, but many, going to popular resorts, or traveling to exotic destinations, are not aware that the fall in the epidemiological center of such dangerous diseases as plague, cholera and yellow fever.Rospotrebnadzor recommends travelers take precautions.

Dangerous vacation cholera

Since last year, a cholera epidemic raging in Haiti, a new round of morbidity observed in May this year after heavy rains and hurricanes.Registered thousand deaths, but only since October, cholera sickened more than 300 thousand. Man.

In neighboring Dominican Republic since the beginning of the epidemic in Haiti, there were more than 1.5 thousand. Cases.Cases of the disease are vacationing tourists from Venezuela, Canada, the United States, which has already been treated on their return.

Also this year, recorded cases of cholera in Malaysia, particularly in Sarawak, in the north of

the island of Borneo, and Papua - New Guinea.Traditionally, many foci of cholera are in Africa, and a number of them due to the unstable political situation only grows in many countries of the Black Continent.

Dangerous vacation plague

plague outbreaks in the world there are less than cholera, but in 2011 already marked by such incidents.Earlier this year, 23 deaths were recorded in the north of Madagascar - in the area initially not endemic for plague.However, in general outbreak of plague in Madagascar occur almost every year between October and April.At this time there is a change of the rainy season to the dry season, and as a result the rodents deprived of feed, flock to the village.Rats are known to be carriers of fleas, which in turn spread the plague pathogen - Yersinia pestis (Yersinia pestis).

In two cases of plague cases were reported in the US, in Oregon last year.The source of infection in this case, was the dog, the transfer of infected fleas.

Dangerous vacation yellow fever

causative agent of yellow fever is an arbovirus.Transfer of its mosquitoes, from which a person falls ill and bite.Outbreaks of yellow fever have in countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and so many African countries.Therefore, going to endemic areas, make vaccination against yellow fever, which is very effective in protecting against disease.

Southeast Asia (including the popular India and Thailand) are dangerous such serious diseases such as malaria, rabies, typhoid fever, dengue fever ...

So, making out a ticket to vacation in hazardous areas, check with the tour operator, whichprecautions you need to take.

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