Smoking and lung cancer : an inextricable link

Smoking and lung cancer : an inextricable link
Heavy smokers at risk of three major diseases with fatal lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.In 90% of cases of cancer blame this bad habit, like smoking.

And none of oncological disease is not as obvious connection with smoking, like lung cancer.Regardless of the quality of tobacco, cigarettes thickness, any complexity filter cigarette comprises at least about four thousand chemicals, and tobacco smoke and even more -.. 5 thousand, 60 of which cause cancer.

What is the connection between smoking and lung cancer?

No one has a cancer so obvious connection with smoking, like lung cancer.

Regardless of the quality of tobacco, cigarettes thickness, filter complexity - each cigarette comprises at least about 4,000 chemical compounds, and cigarette smoke and more- of about 5000, 60 of which cause cancer.

In a recent study of American scientists from the University of Oregon for Research on Cancer able to establish how smoking is associated with the development of cancer.Under the influence o

f tobacco smoke slows down the synthesis of protein FANCD2 - a substance that protects the lungs from exposure to toxic substances.Protein smoke poisoning, which causes a failure in DNA structure, and as a consequence there is cancer.

Thus, the more often a person smokes, the higher the risk of cancer.

What is lung cancer ?

group of malignant tumors that arise in the airways is called lung cancer.Typically, the disease comes from the bronchi, while the tumors are found in the peripheral or central portion of the lung and can progress metastasis to other organs.

person can several years unaware of the presence of his terrible diagnosis.But it often happens that the disease will learn too late, when the doctors' efforts are already useless.Only 15% of lung cancer patients are living with a diagnosis of more than 5 years, while the remaining die earlier.

symptoms of lung cancer

It should be examined if you have shortness of breath, coughing up blood, loss of weight and appetite, cough, weakened immune system, you are often ill ARI, pneumonia and experiencing chest pain.

doctor prescribe research - analysis, scintigraphy of the skeleton, positron emission tomography, biopsy, CT scan, X-ray and others.All of them are required to set the stage of cancer - one of the most important factors in the selection of effective treatment.

Cancer Prevention: whether to give up smoking?

useless to intimidate the smoker warning labels on cigarette packs.Few people take them seriously, realizing that the development of their work, such as smokers as they are.

present only facts that may cause you want to quit:

1. Total 3 -6 months away chronic cough, and breathing becomes clearer and smoother.Weakness will leave and you will sleep better.lung function increases by 10%.

2. After 5 months easily cleaned from the resin, tobacco dust and other harmful substances.

3. After a year the risk of coronary heart disease will decrease by 50%.

4. After 3 to 5 years, the risk of lung cancer drops to the level of a non-smoker.

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