Immunity against cancer

Immunity against cancer
experimental work of American scientists has shown that immunotherapy helps reduce the size of tumors of the pancreas.

According to the head of research Robert Vanderhayde (RobertH. Vonderheide), associate professor of hematology and oncology named Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute (AbramsonFamilyCancerResearchInstitute), treatment is based on the use of antibodies.They make a malignant tumor vulnerable to the immunity.Instead of binding to cancer cells, the antibodies act on the immune system molecules, namely CD40 proteins.This leads to the subsequent activation of specialized cells that begin to attack the supporting elements of the tumor.Eventually, they are destroyed, and the tumor disintegrates.This process is reminiscent of the destruction of the brickwork after the dissolution of the bonding solution bricks.

new treatment increases overall survival in patients with pancreatic cancer by 2 months, compared with the traditional treatment.These figures may seem insignificant, but given th

e extreme malignity of the cancer, its extremely rapid growth and lack of response to therapy, many ways, this is great progress.

According to estimates of the American Society for the fight against cancer, in 2010, was diagnosed in just over 43,000 people in the US of pancreatic cancer, of which approximately 37 000 patients died.The complexity of the treatment of this cancer in the fact that 80% of it is inoperable.For these patients, a standard chemotherapy with highly toxic drugs: gemcitabine (Gemzar), often in combination with erlotinib (Tarceva).Given the low tumor response to chemotherapy and frequent serious side effects, requires the development of new treatments, said Dr. Vanderhayde.

Details studies

team led Vanderhayde conducted a series of experiments on the application of a new method of immunotherapy in mice and humans.The study involved 21 patients with inoperable ductal adenocarcinoma, the most common malignant tumor of the pancreas.They were assigned to a combination treatment of gemcitabine and experimental antibodies code named CP-870,893, which were injected intravenously once a month.

good tolerability of the new drug has been identified in the first phase of the study.Side effects from its administration refers transient increase in temperature and chills, which usually took 24 hours.

After 2 cycles of administration, scientists evaluated the tumor response to treatment.It was found that five patients tumor size decreased by 30% or more, which is considered to be an acceptable result in cancer treatment.The average overall survival during treatment with novel antibodies increased to 7.4 months, whereas the administration of gemcitabine only provides patients with only 5.7 additional months of life.

How does the new method of treatment?

Researchers got a lot of new information about the tumor and its growth.As Dr. Vanderhayde explains the view that the tumor is 100% of the cancer cells, it is incorrect.Only a small percentage of malignant cells in nature, and comprise primary tumor mass and tissue support cells that are needed for it to grow.Tumor uses the surrounding tissue as a source of nutrients and protection of the immune system against aggression.Antibodies

activated immune system cells, which are located in the lymph nodes and spleen.These white blood cells are then transferred to the protective sheath tumor, destroying it.And without the support exist tissue malignant tumor and can not, therefore, begins to die.

Scientists expect another surprise.According to preliminary estimates, the antibodies were activated white blood cells called T-cells that attack tumors.However, it appeared that treatment leads to the activation of other kinds of cells: macrophages, are capable of absorbing foreign particles.

What awaits in the future a new method of treatment?

effect of the treatment is minor, but very important.Indeed, in the case of pancreatic cancer in the success of any treatment is essential.

Despite the encouraging results, the scientists are well aware that there is still a lot of work.It will take at least a few years before we can talk about the release of a new drug on the pharmaceutical market.

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