Colonoscopy in the diagnosis of cancer

Colonoscopy in the diagnosis of cancer
According to the research, not all types of bowel cancer can be diagnosed by colonoscopy.

colonoscopy - a diagnostic study that allows to identify tumors with the help of a small camera used to inspect the colon and rectum.At present, this remains the best diagnostic method to detect early signs of cancer bowel diseases.However, the new study found that colonoscopy misses to 7% of cases of colorectal cancer.

Colonoscopy helps prevent the development of colon cancer by removing precancerous polyps.However, scientists from the University of Manitoba found that many cases of colon cancer diagnosed within three years after colonoscopy begins with tumoral lesions missed at initial diagnosis.Research suggests that early stage of disease may be overlooked when the tumor in the right half of the colon, while colonoscopy GP and colonoscopy in women.However, this procedure is still the method of choice in the evaluation of patients with certain symptoms, such as older people with bleeding from the rectum.

How to protect gut health

  • comply with the terms colonoscopy.For many people, this means regular screening starting at age 50.It is necessary to ask the doctor if you have any risk factors that may be required to conduct such a survey.
  • Be alert to the symptoms associated with the intestine: presence of blood in the stool, a variety of changes in stool (violation of the regularity of the chair, etc.), and abdominal pain.
  • Do not forget about the anesthesia during the procedure.Studies have found that patients pictures that pre-anesthetized, were much better.
  • It is necessary to prepare the procedure correctly.Very often, the intestine is poorly prepared in his right side, just there, where there is a higher risk of not to notice the tumor.

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