Keep nitroglycerin in his pocket

exclusive interview with Academician of RAMS Rafael Oganov.

with heart disease difficult at any time of year, but especially difficult in the heat.Not all cores experienced abnormal summer of last year.Its recommendations gave

Raphael Oganov, Academician, President of the All-Russian Scientific Society of Cardiology.

- as the core to cope with the summer heat?

- It is necessary, first of all, to monitor blood pressure.Heat gives an additional strain on the heart.It works energetic rhythm quickens.It may decline or fall sharply blood pressure.It may also vary somewhat a reaction to various medications that the patient is treated for a long time.

Due to sweating the body loses a lot of salt and other essential components.They are important to restore an adequate fluid intake.Only need to drink water instead of sugary sodas.With thirst, they can not cope, only harm.

Wear loose clothing made of light fabrics (linen, cotton), do not go under the scorching sun, to wait out the heat in the cool.Last

year, the Moscow Department of Health created a special chilled to the desired room temperature, which could stay for a while and recover.

- If angina attack caught in the heat, what to do?

- Everyone with angina or with the threat of angina should carry nitroglycerin.Better in the form of a spray, tablets are stored for 2-3 months, and then break up, and the tablet during ill health can be difficult to obtain.

Nitroglycerin - a drug emergency.It helps in two situations.The first - when there was an attack of chest pain.If the first dose does not work, you can try a second five minutes later.If after the third does not become better, it is necessary to call an ambulance: likely to develop myocardial infarction.The second situation: a person already suffering angina, he will have an unpleasant conversation or exercise, for example, you have to go up the hill.Then a dose of nitroglycerin can be used as prevention.

- why heart disease is still in the lead?What prevents us to cope with them?


People move less, but eat more high-calorie foods, animal fats.This leads to the appearance of the major risk factors - the change in pressure, increased blood cholesterol, obesity, diabetes.There is a genetic predisposition, but it is implemented or not - is another question.Lifestyle - that is important.Here is an example.The Japanese and Italian coastal part of deaths from heart disease is low due to the fact that a lot of seafood, fruits and vegetables in their diet.But there are statistics proving that when these same people migrated to the United States and passed to the other typical American food, they started to hurt as well as Americans.

- A Russian national cuisine helpful?

- Yes, the power of our grandfathers was healthy.We ate a simple potato, cabbage, borscht, porridge, rarely - meat.Butter was expensive, so often on the table was sunflower oil.Now people have switched to more fatty foods, drink and smoke to the same, and smoking in general for human unnatural need to get rid of it.

- Why cores smoking is harmful?

- Nicotine destroys the inner layer of blood vessels, an important barrier - the endothelium, and the vessel wall form atherosclerotic plaques.If plaque tire burst, the body will start the mechanism of protective reaction, because crack is bleeding, it should be closed.And closes the crack thrombus.The problem is that it can block the entire vessel lumen.If a vessel that feeds the brain, the case could end stroke, heart - heart attack, his legs - intermittent claudication.At the same clean vessel endothelium with normal clot will never sit.But you are aware that the age of 50 a person and without smoking recruited many other precipitating factors.And the chances of developing cardiovascular disease increases even more.

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