Atrial fibrillation is especially dangerous in the middle-aged

Atrial fibrillation is especially dangerous in the middle-aged
Women with atrial fibrillation at risk of severely premature death.

Older people with heart rhythm disturbances die earlier than their peers.However, the impact of atrial fibrillation on the life expectancy of younger people has been little studied.

American researchers have found that the earlier manifested cardiac arrhythmias, the less life expectancy.This heart rhythm disorders are responsible for about 2.1% of all deaths.

Atrial fibrillation

According to the American Heart Association, about 2.2 million Americans suffer heart rhythm disturbances.No precise statistics for Russia, but it is clear that as a percentage of patients with arrhythmias in our country no less.About 5% of people who have reached the age of 65 suffer from atrial fibrillation.

When fibrillation the heart's upper chambers - the atria - vibrate rather than contract rhythmically.This complicates the pumping function of the heart, the blood stagnates to form clots.A thrombus at any isolation may occlude the vessel in the br

ain and lead to stroke.

The most common of atrial fibrillation is recognized by complaints of palpitations.Identification of this condition will conduct medical examination and an ECG.

Drugs used to treat atrial fibrillation, slow down or restore a normal heart rhythm.For the prevention of stroke and appoint agents that prevent the formation of blood clots.

Risk Factors

Calculations have shown that the presence of the arrhythmia greatly increases the risk of premature death in women.

From 1993 to 2010, Associate Professor David Conen of the University Hospital of Basel (Switzerland) and colleagues examined more than 35 thousand. Women older than 45 years.The average age of women is 53 years.In 15 years of observations in 1011 women developed heart rhythm abnormalities, 1603 a woman suddenly died.At the same time, 63 dead were diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.

In connection with the formed and basic recommendations findings.

Women with atrial fibrillation should be monitored for such alarming conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.However, it is fully applies to men.

main efforts should be focused on prevention of cardiac arrhythmias.It is necessary to monitor the weight, blood pressure and cholesterol, to stop smoking.With the development of diabetes is vital to monitor the level of glucose in the blood.

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