Alzheimer's disease : no salvation

method for the treatment and prevention of dementia medicine does not know.

Alzheimer's disease, named after the doctor who gave her the first time a clear definition, refers to degenerative diseases.The reason is the process of destruction of nerve cells in the brain - neurons, and that's why this is still not known for certain.There are treatments and senile dementia.


In our time, people are living much longer, so Alzheimer's disease is spreading more widely: in 2005 the total number of patients was 24.5 million people, and by 2015 there will be at least age 30 million cut.It shows that today this disease affects one in five people over the age of 75 and every second - over 84 years.

disease manifestations

  • Home characterized by decreased concentration, forgetfulness, decreased ability to perceive information.
  • Forgetfulness progresses, spoiled character, it is depleted, there are aggression and moodiness.
  • is rapidly degraded memory, speech, motor skills, the ability to control
    their physiological functions.
  • person loses the ability to speak, think, do not remember anything, is not oriented in time and space, can not eat or drink on their own.
  • After 7-8 years, as a rule, these patients die.Not more than 3% of them live more than ten years since the start of symptoms striking.

Difficulties diagnosing

The easiest way to make a diagnosis - by degradative characteristic symptoms.Additional verification can be obtained by the results of MRI and PET studies in which hard, but still may be considered characteristic of Alzheimer's plaques particular so-called beta-amyloid protein, which leads to caking and neuronal pathology.Scientists are now working to produce a strong contrast medium to facilitate these studies.

Attempts to treat

therapy aims to reduce symptoms.Suitable, for example, activation of neurons fading using special substances - neurotransmitters which the natural level in the brain in Alzheimer's disease is reduced.

It's a little smooths the symptoms but not cure the disease.Scientists hope that one will be found a way to prevent clumping of beta-amyloid particles, will be able to finally prevent or turn back the process.

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