The new diet is not likely to appeal to all

The new diet is not likely to appeal to all
Fish oil and red rice lower cholesterol.

According to a recent study, the use of red rice combined with fish oil helps to reduce cholesterol levels, since these products contain high concentrations of statins.

Not all

However, study author and cardiologist Dr. David J. medicine. Pensivalnskogo Becker of the University emphasizes that such a diet will not work for everyone.

¬ęStatins were and still are the best remedy for people with high cholesterol, especially for those who suffer from coronary heart disease", - says Becker.

Proper nutrition versus drugs

In Becker's study involved 74 people with high blood cholesterol.Half of the subjects taking statins in the form of various lipid-lowering drugs, and the other received the diet (once daily), a portion (3.6 g), red rice and fish oil capsules (three capsules twice a day).The experiment lasted a total of 12 weeks.

It turned out that by the end of the study of cholesterol levels decreased in both groups.Moreover, in the group treated with sta

tin drugs, the cholesterol level decreased by 39%, while in the group to comply with a specific diet - by 42%.Plus members of the second group lost weight during the experiment by an average of 4.5 kg, the same group in the first significant weight changes were observed.Furthermore, the fat content in the blood in the second group decreased by 29%, while in the group treated with drug - only 9.3%.Many can not

¬ęThe results of this study are not surprising, - says Robert Eckel, PhD, former president of the American Heart Association and professor of medicine at the University of Colorado.- Red rice produces the same effect as statins.Fish oil does not affect the level of bad cholesterol. "

American physicians are advised to consume no more than 2.4 g of red rice a day, which is less than the participants in the experiment were prepared.Ingestion of large amounts increases the risk of side effects such as atrophy of muscle and liver damage.The red rice can not be used together with a statin in the preparations as this combination greatly increases the likelihood of side effects.

skeptical assessment

Data from Penn scientists are being questioned by Russian specialists.Thus, the expert PhD nutritionist Natalia Topilskaya commented: "This information looks ambiguous.For example, fish oil there is nothing like statins, lipid lowering effect when reception is achieved due to the optimum ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 PUFAs.For rice, indeed, a substance capable of lowering cholesterol in it, but their number is not large.And these components are called statins are not completely correct. "

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