If you hurt your back muscles

If sore muscles of the back or neck, most likely it comes to scoliosis.Cervical-spinal myositis (inflammatory muscle disease) - a common cause of back pain, neck and neck area.The disease is usually long.Sore muscles are sealed when they are feeling or painful tension.Myositis accompanied aching, sometimes strong but not as intense as, for example, lumbago.Patients with metabolic disorders or chronic infections myositis of the lumbar region often associated with pain in the joints.

Why there myositis?Our muscles support the spine and protect it from deformation.Overvoltage individual sections of the spine there is persistent muscle spasms, called to protect him from the fatal injuries.As a result of spasm inflammation occurs.Often people do not realize how much unnecessary overloads can be avoided in everyday life.Probably one of the reasons for the prevalence of pain in the back can be regarded as a lack of education of the rules of natural movement in everyday life and at work.

Most back pain provok

es the work associated with heavy lifting or vibration machines, as well as with long static body position.It is no coincidence are myositis sometimes an occupational disease.For example, the sore muscles of the neck and collar area for people whose work is connected with an inclined position of the head of the computer, when working with documents in polishers, drawers, etc.Athletes are often faced with muscle inflammation (myositis) due to systematic overloading the individual (trainees) groups of muscles and spine.

Everyone knows that many professional athletes get severe back injury.Almost all sports can carry the potential harm of overload and injury.Therefore, training should be regular and well built to distribute evenly and harmoniously load on the spine and all muscle groups.In addition, the chosen sport must take into account the peculiarities of the human musculoskeletal system.Even the morning exercises, it is desirable to make an expert, then the use of it will be more noticeable.

What if the aching muscles after a workout?According to experts, the real cause of pain in athletes and exercising self-lovers is that they are after strong tension in the joints (workout) take hunched posture.Usually, people are relaxing in a sitting posture, with a hunched back.This causes back pain.It is important to maintain the correct position of the spine and its natural curves after exercise and during the breaks between sessions of physical activity.

as emergency measures for back pain after a workout, you can use simple exercise method R.Makkenzi:

1. Lie on the floor face down.2. Put your hands in front of you and climb up on his elbows, the maximum prognuv back.Run smoothly, look ahead.3. Raise your torso on outstretched arms, keeping your pelvis on the floor.Return to the starting position.If the pain felt on one side, lying face down, to move the thigh in the opposite direction from the patient and carry in that position.

If the sore muscles of the neck and neck area, you need to perform the following exercises:

1. Lie on your back, pull your chin to your chest, keeping the nape of the couch.2. Move forward to the edge of the couch and gently with his head hanging.Shoulders lie on the couch.Slowly turn your head to the side opposite the patient, hold for 30 seconds, then turn the other way.For muscles nice relaxing massage (self-massage).It can be done manually or masseurs.To quickly get the effect, you can take tablets of back pain: for Nurofen 400mg, deksalgin, ketonal 100 or 150mg, movalis.These drugs not only relieve pain, but also have anti-inflammatory effects.

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