Erosive gastritis

stomach Erosive gastritis is acute or chronic, with high or normal acidity.Thus different portions of damaged gastric mucosa inflammation foci formation and erosions.

stomach Erosive gastritis is acute or chronic, with high or normal acidity.Thus different portions of damaged gastric mucosa inflammation foci formation and erosions.Erosion - a small visible mucosal injury, they often bleed, they can be damaged by gastric juice or hard particles of food.The cause of erosive gastritis may be drinking alcohol, painkillers and other drugs, corrosive chemicals.A typical symptom is yazvennopodobnom pains, including the hungry and night.

Acute erosive gastritis begins abruptly, a few hours after exposure to the causative agent.The patient's condition is rapidly deteriorating, and there is pain heaviness above the navel, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and weakness.A person becomes pale, he is concerned about the dryness in the mouth or on the contrary, excessive salivation.This patient should be immedia

tely sent to hospital.

Chronic erosive gastritis proceeds easier, and in some adolescents may occur hidden, without any manifestations, only occasionally giving heartburn.But the disease is insidious, gives frequent exacerbations and difficult to treat.The reason for this are some triggers that again and again lead to aggravation, and can not be repaired.Chronic erosion can be prolonged from a few weeks to several years.

Erosive gastritis

And not without pernicious bacterium Helicobacter.This bacterium alters the composition of the gastric mucus, which ceases to protect the stomach from damage and aggravating erosion, preventing them from healing.In addition, the bacterium releases toxic products of their vital activity.There is evidence that Helicobacter pylori inevitably leads to ulcers and, ultimately, to stomach cancer.

Another most common cause is duodeno-gastric reflux because it is thrown duodenal contents into the stomach, corroding its wall, and the stomach contents, in turn, enters the duodenum, also damaging it.Thus formed gastroduodenal erosions.They are located closer to the exit from the stomach into the intestine, in the antrum (pylorus) department, in the bulb sphincter and duodenum.

Sometimes gastric erosion caused by hormonal disorders, more often it concerns the thyroid hormones and pancreas.Many researchers believe causes erosions high acidity of gastric juice, and decreased immunity.There are also other reasons for the formation of erosions.

In chronic erosive gastritis pain is usually dull and aching in the young and in older individuals often have cramping in nature.Patients concerned about regurgitation and heartburn, feeling of heaviness in the right upper quadrant, bloating.

the treatment of acute and chronic erosive gastritis main task is to identify and eliminate trigger factors as much as possible.Modern complex treatment in most cases, allows to achieve the desired result.

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