Exclusive treatment for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis suffers an overwhelming number of elderly people, and in recent years more and more often they fall ill middle-aged people.

Osteoarthritis most commonly affects the large joints, carrying most of the load: hip, knee and joints of the lumbar spine.The disease occurs when the viscosity decreases and the quantity of synovial fluid in the joint, which due to increased friction, deteriorating mobility and pain.Gradually there is a destruction of cartilage and joint deformity.The disease usually begins with the destruction of the joint, and gradually extended to the other.

Patients with osteoarthritis too familiar with the pain.Sometimes even a small load on the knee or hip joint causes severe pain and leads to rapid fatigue.When senile arthritis not only back pain, and yet there is an ache and a feeling of heaviness in the bones and joints.Osteoarthritis of the hip joint (coxarthrosis) is one of the most severe diseases of the joints.The development of coxarthrosis is influenced by various a

nomalies of the spine, pelvis and lower extremities.

First diseases coxarthrosis pain when walking and limping appear only at the end of the day, then stick the whole day, and in severe cases is so strong, that do not give sleep at night.Pain may be given to the knee in the groin and sciatic region.Knee osteoarthrosis (gonarthrosis) - a disease of the knee joint of the same nature, with pain and swelling sometimes not only the joint but also in muscles.Characterized by fatigue of the lower limbs and the lateral deformation of the knee.

It is clear that the quality of life of patients is low.osteoarthritis treatment is long and ineffective.Patients are forced to constantly take medication, which negatively act on other organs.They have many restrictions in the way of life, they can not break away from the house.But there is an exclusive and amazing in its effective treatments for osteoarthritis.It takes only a single injection into the joint - and you can forget about the pain for six months or even longer.

We are talking about the drug Dyuralan, representing a stable gel of hyaluronic acid salt, which restores the function of the affected joint and the pain stopped.The mechanism of action simple and related organisms: reimburses drug hyaluronic acid in the synovial joint fluid, and restores its properties.As a result, the patient can return to normal life.

high degree of purity of the drug reduces the risk of allergic reactions and make it safe for human use.Available only slight swelling and soreness at the injection site, but it happens for all intra-articular injections.The great advantage of treating Dyuralanom a single frequency of administration and the opportunity to renounce permanent nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.A drawback - low availability.And it's not just the cost of the drug.In our country is not popular intraarticular therapies (maybe not enough qualified specialists?).

Hopefully, the situation will change for the better, and the treatment of new, effective and safe make life easier for a greater number of compatriots.

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