Impulsive people are at risk of getting fat

-prone to neurosis and unscrupulous people at risk for life repeatedly pass through a set cycle and weight loss, according to US researchers.

study published by the American Psychological Association and is based on information collected over 50 years, has revealed the psychological risk factors that can lead to obesity.It was found that impulsivity is the most important factor in predicting the emergence of excess weight in humans.

Study participants with the highest levels of impulsivity weighed an average of ten kilograms more than impulsive people unwilling to.

People with this personality trait, often succumb to temptation and often can not control their behavior in difficult situations.To maintain a healthy weight need to constantly healthy diet and physical activity, it requires human consistency, discipline and the ability to comply with the restrictions.However, overly impulsive people such self is extremely difficult.


research scientists from the National Institute on Aging (USA

) analyzed data from an extended study in which 1988 people participated.Its purpose was to identify overweight depending on the specific character traits and personality traits.Results of the study were published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

scientists evaluated the personality characteristics of participants in the experiment, revealed the existence of certain features (eg, neurotic openness, conscientiousness, and others.).Despite the fact that people usually gain weight as slowly growing and aging, the occurrence of excessive weight may also depend on the specific character traits.So, people are impulsive and prone to the risk of gaining weight faster.In addition, overweight problems popping up and aggressive, cynical people who are prone to competition.

One explanation may be that impulsive people are more prone to overeating in difficult stressful situations.However, the deeper the physiological mechanisms may be involved in the relationship between obesity and character traits and patterns of behavior.

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