"Loading " of knowledge in the brain

American and Japanese scientists say, that the acquisition of useful knowledge and in the style of "The Matrix" training, with direct upload of information into the brain, possibly in reality.

In the new study, published in the journal Science, scientists from Boston University (USA) and Kyoto (Japan) suggested that there is an opportunity to use modern technology for learning effortlessly.Scientists say that the download knowledge directly into the brain, before that is possible only in science fiction films, can become a reality.

During the experiments, they showed that, using the decoded functional magnetic resonance brain scan, you can activate certain patterns corresponding to the necessary skills and thus improve the visual skills required.

Simply put, the process of learning in the future may look something like this: a person looks at a computer screen, but this time his brain patterns are changed in such a way as to comply with, for example, the skills of a professional athlete.It is also po

ssible to change the patterns of recovery after accidents or serious illness.Scientists say that such training and treatment techniques can become real in the near future.


Visual parts of the brain cortex in adults sufficiently plastic to perceptual perception.Scientists have discovered that the picture of the world is based in the brain gradually, first appearing in the form of lines, contours, shapes, colors and movements in the visual department.Then, the brain fills the images more precise and fine detail.This initial perception is the basis of the experimental teaching methods.

Scientists have developed a method based on the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging, to influence individual areas of the visual cortex.Exposure to lead to the activation of a specific pattern in the visual cortex, associated with the interest of the brain.Then the researchers tested whether causes repeated activation pattern of improvement in the performance of certain actions, including visual perception.

As a result of this exposure was found to significant and lasting improvement of individual skills.Moreover, improvement was noted even in cases where the participants in the experiment did not know about what he is taught, ie,on what kind of skills intended impact.

Fantastic prospects

potential outcome of this research in the future may become an opportunity to study a variety of skills and abilities without any effort, via a direct effect on brain processes and change them.

However, research has shown the possibility of such effects only in the field of visual perception.In the future we plan to investigate other possible spheres of influence.

At the moment, a new method of changing brain patterns can be used in different types of learning, including memory, motor function and rehabilitation.But scientists worry that a promising method in the future of human exposure has not been used for unethical purposes.

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