Pressure changes in the average age of dangerous

increase or decrease in blood pressure in middle age can significantly affect the health and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular diseases are the most common causes of death and disability, especially in middle-aged and elderly.The study, published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, showed the importance of maintaining normal blood pressure in order to prevent the development of heart and vascular diseases.

study researchers found that people who for 55 years managed to maintain blood pressure within normal limits, or to reduce it down to normal levels, thereby able to reduce the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.That is, people 55 years of age with normal blood pressure the risk of heart attacks and strokes is, according to the study, from 22 to 41%.In contrast, people 55 years of age with high blood pressure are at risk of much more - the risk of cardiovascular disease from them is 42-69%.

The study involved 61 585 peopl

e.Based on these data, scientists have discovered how blood pressure changes affect the risk of heart and vascular diseases throughout life.Data on blood pressure level, the study participants were collected over an average of 14 years before they reach the age of 55 and then - before the onset of cardiovascular events (including heart attacks and strokes), death, or 95 years of age.


blood pressure measurement for life will more accurately determine the value of this indicator in assessing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

study showed that:

  • almost 70% of men with high blood pressure in middle age to 85 years suffer from some or other manifestations of cardiovascular disease;
  • women with increased blood pressure develops as early as '41, have a greater chance of developing cardiovascular diseases than those who managed to maintain normal pressure up to 55 years;
  • generally middle-aged women more likely to develop hypertension;
  • aged 55 years on average, 26% of men and 41% of women have normal blood pressure;
  • an average risk of developing cardiovascular disease in people 55 years and older is 53% in men and 40% women, with all blood pressure.

Thus, the study showed that the development of high blood pressure at an early age, and changes in blood pressure in middle age affect the increased risk of cardiovascular disease.It is increasingly important to the prevention of hypertension at a young age in order to prevent high blood pressure and subsequently maintaining health.

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