Diet for dermatitis

What should be the diet for dermatitis?The first paragraph of the limitations of patients with skin ailments mandatory light diet.The diet in allergic and atopic dermatitis is the same.

If you do not understand what an allergy, then first have to remove all the gastronomic pleasure, because most of these allergens!In no case can not eat: all red, sweet fruit, honey, chocolate, nuts, citrus fruits, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, beets, carrots, seafood, eggs, milk.

In addition, it is not recommended, there are other raw fruits and greens, strong meat broths.These products not only can cause an allergic reaction, but also provoke the reaction of the body to the other, it is harmless and familiar foods.

Here is an example of a hypoallergenic diet in atopic dermatitis.Without fear there can be: porridge on the water (buckwheat, oats, millet, rice, maize), vegetables (cabbage, potatoes, zucchini, turnips, squash), boiled meat (beef, turkey, rabbit, lean pork), of oxygen fuktovsweet apples with a green-sk

inned, pear and plum.Rarely, but it happens that patients have an allergy to the product, "allowed" for all.Then it is necessary to conduct a survey in order to expand the diet.The fact that the body does not always respond to only one product is possible cross-reactions.For example, if you are allergic to antibiotics is not a secret that the manufacturers add them to the meat that it last longer if you are allergic to mold fungus that can respond to kefir, yeast dough, kvass.It often happens that there is not allergic to the products themselves, and dyes or preservatives, which are included in their composition.Then it is necessary to exclude all of the products with their content.

Diet for dermatitis in children's classic of the genre, because dairy products are the basis of their power.If your baby is allergic to cow's milk, some of its diet is necessary to exclude all products which include milk or that are prepared on its basis.It is encouraging that many people with allergies to cow's milk, goat's milk normally tolerate.If your child has an allergy occurs on fruits and berries, it should be remembered that the deterioration can cause, and products made from natural vegetables, fruits and berries, juices, puree mixture.

mothers diet in atopic dermatitis is chosen carefully, because of the development of the child's hypersensitivity to allergens organism depends largely.

Diet for seborrheic dermatitis should be limited fats, carbohydrates and salt.It should be rich in plant fiber and B vitamins

Diet for perioral dermatitis eliminates sharp, fried, smoked, fatty, sweet foods and meat, in principle, this is a hypoallergenic diet is recommended for dermatitis.For oral dermatitis limit foods containing crude fiber, as well as a sharp, hot, spicy food, so as not to irritate the damaged areas of the oral mucosa.

Features a diet for adults with dermatitis Duhring.This disease is associated with sensitivity to gluten (a protein cereal) and a violation of her digestion.In connection with this the main cause of the disease, in the prevention of relapse Duhring dermatitis important diet excluding products of wheat and rye.

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