Diet ulcer and gastritis

Diet ulcer and gastritis, plays a crucial role, because relieves irritation of the stomach and duodenum, and contributes to the rapid recovery.

At the beginning of acute appointed medical diet number 1 or more rigorous number 1a, depending on the severity.In gastritis with decreased secretion used therapeutic diet № 2.

meaning of these diets is sparing diet to relieve the sick bodies and help them recover.All dishes are boiled or steamed, they should be the consistency of a liquid or semi-liquid, food taken 5-6 times a day in the form of heat (exclude hot and cold dishes).Exclude dietary fiber (raw fruits and vegetables, wholemeal flour) and extractives, which are rich in soups, meat, fish and mushroom.Permission is granted to a small amount of boiled minced meat.Unlike № diet 2 in that it prohibits dairy products and whole milk.not annoying and easily assimilated:

less strict, but should maintain the main principles in the home performance diet for patients with gastritis.Therefore, in addition to

light soups and semi-liquid porridge often need to cook mashed and pureed food.Kashi gastritis prepared on the water to tenderize the semi-liquid state and is charged with a small amount of butter in the finished state.

Vegetables gastritis in acute use only boiled and mashed or pureed, and a week from the beginning of the exacerbation is gradually introduced into the diet of fruit and vegetable juices (not more than 100ml per reception) and in a week - fresh vegetables and fruits, forexcept grapes and melons.Apples gastritis allowed, starting from the acute stage of decay, and helpful, but at a reduced secretion of their use are not raw and pritushivayut or baked (in the microwave oven can do a couple of minutes).

Fresh potato juice is used for gastritis as a remedy, but not earlier than 7-10 days from the beginning of the aggravation!His take half an hour before eating half a cup first, after 2-3 days increase the intake to 1 cup.

Here are examples of home diet recipes for gastritis.

1. soup.500g leeks and wash 500g broccoli, cut into large chunks, cover with cold water.Bring to a boil and cook for 7-10 minutes.Broccoli, leeks and minced parsley in a blender, add the pulp back into the broth and put on a small fire.Stir, add a little cream, bring to a boil, add salt and remove from heat.Yolks with crushed garlic until smooth, pour a trickle in the soup while stirring.

2. Mashed potatoes with gravy.Boil potatoes and potoloch until smooth.Prepare the sauce: boil hard boiled eggs and chop them.Cook the bell pepper, broccoli, carrots and cut into pieces.Chopped eggs carefully rub with chopped fresh herbs and pepper part, add the crushed garlic clove and slowly pour the warmed butter (100g).Stir in the fire, add a little vegetable broth, then add the prepared vegetables, bring to a boil, remove.

3. Buckwheat porridge with prunes.Soak the washed buckwheat for 6-9 hours apart prunes soak for 1-2 hours.Porridge cook over moderate heat for 20-25 minutes, for 10 minutes until cooked add the prunes, salt, a little sugar and a little shredded and fried without oil walnuts.In finished form to fill with butter.

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