Diet Against Cancer

In the late 20th century, the US scientists, the UK and other countries carried out research on the mass of the diet due to the presence of the development of cancer.Collected and published a huge statistical data on the relationship of diet and cancer incidence in different countries.

These data point to the threat of cancer at the abuse of meat, eggs, cheese and other animal protein, as well as excessive consumption of fats.In the US, it is believed that up to 30% of cancers occur because of malnutrition.Disturbances in the nutrition contribute to the emergence of cancer of the rectum, stomach, breast and prostate.

There is evidence that the risk of colon cancer is directly related to inadequate intake of vegetables, and with them - dietary fiber, excessive consumption of meat and fat, which leads bloating, constipation, disturbances of the microflora and decay.Stomach cancer is associated with the consumption of dried, salted and fried fish, pickles and smoked products, which leads to systematic st

imulation of the stomach wall and disruption of the digestive process.

breast cancer contributes to excessive fat intake.Women who are obese are at high risk of breast cancer.Men who are obese are more prone to prostate cancer and breast cancer.

American scientists proposed recommendations to reduce the risk of cancer associated with food.Firstly, it is proposed to reduce consumption of fats, especially animals that all their volume is 30% in the diet.
second recommendation proposes to increase consumption of fruits (especially citrus), vegetables (especially carrots and cabbage), as well as cereal, that is, eat more foods rich in dietary fiber.It is necessary to increase the intake of complex carbohydrates (such as potatoes or fruits) and to reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates (such as refined sugar) as well as consume less pickled, salted and smoked products.

The third recommendation proposes to avoid obesity and reduce the caloric content of their diet.An important factor of protection against cancer is considered to be content in the food of sufficient amounts of vitamins A, C, E.

Eastern Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times used the diet in combination with herbs in the treatment of tumors.It prescribes limit meat and dairy foods, consume more raw vegetables and juices, cereals, sprouted alfalfa and sunflower seeds.It was believed that in the juices of vegetables and herbs a lot of vital energy, which helps the patient.

And today, hardly anyone would dispute the truth of this statement.We all know that cooked food loses vitamins, minerals, leached and becomes fresh, so the need to add salt and spices.On the other hand, the frying of meat, fish protein decomposition products are formed, which are carcinogens.

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