Diagnosis of gastritis

gastritis Diagnosis consists of a collection of clinical manifestations, results of analyzes and survey instrument.

gastritis Diagnosis consists of a collection of clinical manifestations, results of analyzes and survey instrument.The main survey: abdominal ultrasound, fibrogastroscopy, the study of gastric juice, examination of feces (coprogram), complete blood count, X-rays are sometimes needed (rheography) and histology.

When endoscopy can identify swelling and redness, erythematous gastritis identify or detect erosion in the antrum and duodenum, gastritis and to identify the erosive esophagitis.It is possible to identify all the defects of the mucous lesions and inflammation in all parts of the stomach.If EGD take tissue samples for serological and bacteriological examination.

gastric study gives a picture of gastric secretory function, and the estimated level of acidity and the ratio of its different departments, the amount of hydrochloric acid gastric juice activity level breakdown of proteins

(gastritis is reduced).

When the X-ray inspection reveal violations of motor function (passage) and the change of the relief of the mucous membrane surface (topography changes in the foci of inflammation and edema).These blood tests and stool complete the picture of the disease.

The scheme of how to define any form of gastritis, sometimes conduct the research enough.For example, erythematous gastritis fine determined during fibrogastro spectroscopy, the doctor personally seen spotted hyperemia (redness) of the entire gastric mucosa due to such symptoms, he was named pangastrit.

pangastrit can form as a medicinal gastritis in patients who are forced to regularly take drugs for the treatment of other chronic diseases (osteoarticular and cardiovascular systems).Erythematous gastritis may go into erosive gastritis and ulcer.

erosive gastritis symptoms are manifested by pain in the epigastric region, similar to the pain in the ulcer, bleeding may occur.Patients concerned about heartburn, acid regurgitation, a feeling of heaviness after eating, sometimes constipation.

Severe pain, sometimes unbearable, gives gastritis esophagitis.Pain localized behind the sternum, worse when swallowing, easily confused with heart.Esophagitis - an inflammation of the esophagus, reflux occurs when the esophagus or cardia insufficiency when acidic contents of the stomach is thrown into the alkaline environment of the esophagus and burn it, causing inflammation.Normally sphincter closes reverse casting from the stomach wall and reduce the esophagus from going toward the intestine.

Reflux - esophagitis results from inflammatory diseases of the mouth (stomatitis, caries, pharyngitis, tonsillitis) and chronic gastritis may be caused by acute gastritis corrosivity (for poisoning acids and alkalis).To prevent manifestations of esophageal - gastric reflux patients are advised not to lie down after a meal, less lean, do not wear tight belts and belt sleep on high pillows.With adequate treatment and a strict diet in most cases it is possible to eliminate or to stop reflux, otherwise require surgical treatment.

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