Hair Diet

Many understand that diet and good hair are interrelated.Nutritionists have shown that an unbalanced diet leads to problems with the hair.

Depending on the amount of imbalance there different degrees of damage to the hair, the appearance of dryness, breakage and loss.Consuming food that we feed the entire body, including the hair.

We need proteins

- building material for new cells of various tissues, including the strong and healthy hair.However, in recent years, it found that a diet rich in animal proteins has a negative impact on health, including - on the condition of hair.It's not just that the abundance of proteins (proteins) in the cleavage formed a huge amount of toxins that accelerate the aging process and provoke diseases, recently opened a competing property of animals with certain minerals proteins, in other words, they lead to a shortage of groups of vital minerals.

for splitting and assimilation of proteins necessary enzymes that are synthesized from entering the food items.It is ess

ential for the body's sufficient supply of minerals, trace elements and vitamins.Hair most needed minerals zinc, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, iron and iodine.The value of zinc for skin condition overemphasized: it prevents acne, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, including the scalp, in addition, it provides some absorption of vitamins and protein required for the formation.

When iron deficiency - anemia, hair become brittle and begin to fall.Potassium is needed to maintain the water balance and stable rhythms chemical reactions in the cell, regulates penetration of nutrients through cellular membrane, which is important in the hair supply.Magnesium activates enzymes that are involved in energy production, and promotes the absorption of calcium potassium.

sulfur and iodine perform protective functions.It is known that iodine is necessary for thyroid dysfunction, which causes many problems with the hair.Sulfur is involved in the synthesis of collagen of the skin, in the assimilation of vitamin B. Vitamin B group - the most important vitamins for hair of all the vitamins they protect your hair from dandruff and premature aging, give hair strength and shine.There is scientific evidence that B vitamins prevent early graying of hair.

diet problem for the hair to provide adequate nutrition from the inside to keep them in a healthy condition.The daily diet should include foods rich in nutrients for the hair substance.In addition to meat and fish, protein-rich beans and peas, soy beans and cheese.Zinc is found in meat, liver, mushrooms, fish, beans, soy and soy lecithin, yeast, whole grains and sunflower seeds.Hardware products include: eggs, fish, liver, meat, green vegetables, beets and many others.

lot of potassium in dried apricots, bananas, potatoes, nuts, dairy products, pumpkin.Magnesium rich in apples, bananas, apricots, garlic, nuts, salmon, wheat and dairy products.Iodine is found in seaweed, in all kinds of cabbage, mushrooms, sea fish, peaches and pears.A lot of sulfur in Brussels sprouts, eggs, fish, garlic and onions, it contains soy, turnip greens and wheat germ.Champion of the content of B vitamins - brewer's yeast.

important to diversify your daily diet, including daily salads of raw vegetables and greens porridge of whole grains and beans.Excellent complement a diet of fresh fruits, nuts and seafood.Yogurt and other lactic acid drinks and cheese combined with granola - perfect products for a hearty breakfast or a snack.

better to abandon the canned food, flour products and semi-finished products - such a food processing factory has passed, has a low nutritional value.Coffee, alcohol, tobacco and other stimulants depletes vitamins.Balanced diet along with proper care will keep the health and beauty of hair for a long time.

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