Dermatitis skin

dermatitis skin causes more anxiety than the other area of ​​the skin dermatitis.Talk about seborrheic dermatitis and allergic skin.

Seborrheic dermatitis of the skin caused by a violation of lipid metabolism in the skin, with seborrhea is a form of oily, dry and mixed.It starts usually at the age of puberty.The emergence of seborrheic dermatitis of the skin contribute to breakdowns, errors in feeding, failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene and improper care.For oily seborrhea facial skin looks oily, shiny, enlarged pores.High ambient temperature, mental strain or physical work increase sebum.Very often with oily seborrhea appear eels, which are inflamed in contact with the infection.When dry seborrhea, conversely, lack of sebum.On the face appear comedones (blackheads in the form of black dots) that clog the pores, making the skin gradually thickens and becomes healthy color.Mixed seborrhea is a combination of oily and dry seborrhea on the same sites.

In seborrheic dermatitis skin assig

ned a diet with restriction of carbohydrates (the ban on confectionery, chocolate), fat and salt.Assign complex vitamins and sedative (calming) funds.In addition, skin care is important the right person, he is a part of the treatment.For oily seborrhea - applied after cleansing mask acidic (with yogurt, lemon or finished formulations), lotions and creams containing anti-inflammatory agents.Very effective special cosmetic series for young people Klean & amp;Klear and Garnier.When dry seborrhea recommended copious lubrication skin greasy nourishing cream for 30 minutes before washing.Washing is carried out with soft gels or milk intended for dry skin.Recommended mask from egg yolks and vegetable oil.From medicinal ointments are very widely used "Radevit" containing vitamin A and D, as well as on prescription - hormonal.

Atopic dermatitis skin contact is possible with cosmetic products (acids, alkalis, oils), with chemicals (paints, varnishes, solvents), when exposed to extreme temperatures.By the way, is often the cause of dermatitis are antibiotics, iodine, some plants (ragweed, poplar).The process is accompanied by redness, itching, burning, pain and puffiness.In severe cases, blisters appear, then joins an infection, abscesses are formed.Atopic dermatitis, unlike eczema, passes quickly after the cause of the disease, so it is necessary to eliminate it.Recommended abundant drink and laxatives to accelerate the removal of allergens from the body.Required appointed reception antihistamines (allergy) preparations -. Tavegil, suprastin, tsetrin or others on the affected skin is applied to the cooling lotion, zinc ointment oil and hormonal (steroids).In the presence of pustules appointed interior antibiotics (JUnidoks, Sumamed, Klatsid) and externally is very widely used Zinerit.Diet during treatment mainly lacto-vegetarian.In the period of acute illness (the period of flowering or beginning repairs, etc.) is carried out anti-treatment of atopic dermatitis skin, and in all other periods - provide good skin care and avoid precipitating factors.

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