What if when you cough sore back

Even if only for coughs sore back, it is better to eliminate kidney disease and spinal cord, which see a doctor.

course, the more likely reason for this phenomenon may be a back muscle diseases (myositis), intercostal neuralgia, or lung disease (pneumonia, pleurisy).Argued that myositis (muscle inflammation) occur when cold, if the "chill".

however shown that inflammation of the muscles occurs after their surge from heavy lifting, sudden twists of the body or due to spasm of the adjacent spinal disease outbreak zone.Of course, the emergence of inflammation contributes to the weakened condition of the body, such as the common cold.When moving, coughing back pain in myositis will intensify.

Intercostal neuralgia - inflammation of the nerves of the intercostal space.There is often a cause of infringement or overload ligament apparatus due to degenerative disc disease and other changes in the spine.When neuralgia burning pain in the back at an inclination, when coughing intended patient.It is therefore i

mportant to deal with a cough, provide warmth and comfort back.

In the case along with cough sore chest and back, or if you have a temperature of 37 back pain, chest X-rays should be done to rule out pneumonia or pleurisy.These inflammatory diseases of microbial origin.Pneumonia - an inflammation of the lungs caused by a variety of bacteria: streptococcus, pneumococcus, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and sometimes others.

Bacteria penetrate into the lungs by the respiratory tract, through the blood or lymph.Pneumonia can be mild, moderate and severe form until fatal.The main treatment - broad-spectrum antibiotics, selected by their sensitivity to the pathogen.Since the disease is caused by germs, you can not do warming procedure (only in the stage of recovery they are administered).

Pleurisy - an inflammation of the pleura, the lung membranes, too, microbial origin (sometimes with tubercle bacillus).Disease provoked rheumatism, systemic lupus erythematosus, pulmonary arterial thrombosis and tumor.Depending on the cause of pleural effusion occurs in different ways, accompanied by excruciating pain in the back and chest while coughing.Treatment of the complex is carried out only in the hospital, including the most powerful antibiotics, strong painkillers and bandaging the chest for her immobility.

Ointment from back pain can be applied in all cases, independently or as part of complex treatment.When neuralgia good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect has Dolobene, this gel applied to the skin lightly with a thin layer 2-4 times a day.Gel penetrates deep into the skin, providing rapid therapeutic effect, it does not leave any greasy residue and stickiness on the skin surface.Do not apply to wounds and damaged skin and mucous membranes.

When myositis successfully apply warming ointment: Kapsikam, finalgon, as well as anti-inflammatory and pain medications: ketonal, Fastum gel, Nise gel, dikloran.To reduce the burning warming ointment to wipe the place of a strong burning cotton swab moistened with vegetable oil.If you try to rinse with water ointment, burning will only intensify.Antiinflammatory agents do not have a warming effect, but only reduce the pain and inflammation.A Finalgel cream cools sore spot.Apply all these ointments can be 1-2 times a day.When pneumonia ointment recommended by the situation.

In most cases, back pain helps to massage, it improves blood circulation and drainage, increases muscle elasticity.It is best to entrust the conduct of an experienced massage or make his own instruments, taking into account expert advice.

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