Seven facts about pain

Seven facts about pain
If you think that the pain - it is an extraordinary event, you're wrong.Approximately every fourth inhabitant of our planet living with chronic pain or regularly experiencing any recurring pain.

Here are some facts about the pain that will surprise you.

Doctors still know little about the mechanisms of pain and bad are able to cope with it

We always know when we are hurt.To recognize this feeling, I do not need any definition.But scientists still argue about how the pain comes and what it is.And in order to know whether the sick patient, still there is no better way than to ask him.

Yes, of course, obvious pain, if there is some kind of trauma, but sometimes the pain caused by various injuries nerve tissue diagnosis are not so simple.

Despite the huge amount of pain medication and the constant development of new, with many kinds of pain medicine still can not cope effectively.Not bad cropped pain only narcotic drugs but they cause rapid addiction.

Chronic pain leads to bra
in damage and immune system

a long time believed that the pain - this is primarily an emotional response, and at the physiological level, it is only a signal of some kind of problem in the body.

But a number of recent studies have shown that pain in itself adversely affects the body.For example, in one study it was found that the brains of people suffering from chronic pain, reduced by about 11%.Nerve cells in the brain are tired of the constant excitation with pain syndrome, the links between them are damaged.

At constant pain and suffering the human immune system, as a result of the recovery greatly delayed.

Based on this, the task of coping with pain - one of the most important, not less important than the fight against the cause of the disease.The pain can not be tolerated.In fact, physicians rarely give it due attention.

Women feel more pain

proved that women average more pain receptors than men.For example, for every square centimeter of the person they account for 34 nerve fiber, while men only 17.

has also been proven that women have more areas on the body where they feel pain, and pain themselves longer than male.

Half pain - this self-suggestion

already, by definition, the pain - it is only partly a physiological phenomenon.The other side - it is emotion.And experiments have shown that contribute to a sense of self-hypnosis pain is very great, even scientists have measured it and estimated at 40%.

Experiments people with chronic pain were given a placebo, saying that this is a new highly effective painkiller.And then asked to rate the intensity of pain.The average pain intensity was below 40%, although it is understood that physiologically changed nothing.

This also explains the effectiveness of different meditation techniques and anger management in the fight against pain.Of course, these methods do not allow you to completely get rid of the pain, but actually help to reduce its intensity.

Moreover, there are all psychogenic pain, not having under a no physiological reasons.The man's head or stomach may ache depressed, but the doctors did not find in surveys, but well-chosen antidepressants relieve pain quickly.

most severe pain - cluster headache

So-called cluster headaches affects about 0.1% of the population.This is a severe headache, usually occurring every few weeks by storm in 15-120 minutes long, pain localized around the eyes.

It reaches such a force that the other name of this type of pain - suicidal.several cases of suicide during attacks recorded in the world.Alas, doctors still do not understand the nature of the pain and do not know how to deal with it effectively.

No pain - is also a disease

There are people who never experience pain.It sounds strange, but it is a disease, it can be inherited or arise as a result of injury.

Such a person is not sensitive nerve endings, causing a person a multitude of minor injuries, without noticing it.Often late and learns of serious diseases, because the pain - this is the first signal of illness.

headache from sex - is not a myth

This syndrome is called orgasmic (sexual) headache.There it is about one in a hundred people, and suffer them, both men and women.It manifested in severe headaches immediately before sexual intercourse, and during it.

Some studies have linked susceptibility to this kind of pain and susceptibility to migraines may have these syndromes similar nature.

Moreover, in another study, it was found that people who suffer from headaches associated with high or low blood pressure, approximately 20% lower than the need for sex.

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