The most dangerous disease of men : the top 10

The most dangerous disease of men : the top 10
Men called stronger sex, but they suffer no less women.Some diseases are specific to the male half of the planet.We have compiled the top 10 most dangerous diseases of men.

disease smokers

Tobacco gangrene - a popular name is oblitiiruyuschy endarteritis disease.Tied name that occlusive disease can be provoked by prolonged smoking vasospasm by nicotine.

get sick more often men aged 20-40 years.Besides smoking, risk factors include long-term cooling of the extremities, chronic poisoning, in violation of the sciatic nerve, a long overstrain of the nervous system.

Tobacco gangrene - a very terrible disease in the initial stages, it manifests itself by pain in the legs, fatigue when walking, muscle twitching.Later on the feet appear sores, skin becomes thin, scaly and cracked.

last stage of the disease - the development of gangrene: foot tissue die, often gangrene seizes fast pace and there is urgent need of limb amputation above the knee.Outwardly healthy person becomes confined to a wheelchair.


disease called Hemophilia disease of kings.Indeed, history is replete with examples of nobles male patients with this dangerous disease.

son of Nicholas II, the heir to the throne Tsarevich Alexei had hemophilia, transmitted to him from his mother Alexandra, carriers of the disease gene.

In hemophilia disrupted the blood's ability to clot.Any injury that causes a healthy person bruise in hemophiliacs leads to the accumulation of blood in the tissues of the body, the development of hematoma.

Internal bleeding is stopped only after pouting blood tumor will be huge, and the blood flow stops due to the pressure difference.Then slowly absorbed hematoma.

gene responsible for the expression of hemophilia, sex-linked, and suffer from the royal disease mostly men.Modern medicine prolongs life of patients with hemophilia, controlling the disease by injecting the missing clotting element.


cancer - a disease that is characteristic of both men and women.But men suffer from specific types of cancer related to the reproductive system: prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

also representatives of the male, according to statistics, more likely to suffer from tumors in the lung, stomach and colon cancer.

Doctors say that it is related to the way of life of most men: they smoke much, do not adhere to proper nutrition and health care is considered a sign of weakness.


The risk of this incurable disease is very high in men after 40 years.Excessive deposition of adipose tissue in the abdomen ( "beer belly"), alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, a sedentary unhealthy lifestyles lead to the development of diabetes type 2, the so-called non-insulin dependent.

Diabetes significantly reduces the level of a person's life, and in severe cases leads to atherosclerosis, renal failure, vision loss, paralysis of limbs and even death.


Chickenpox is easily tolerated by children who recover people have strong immunity for life.Also it gives good immunity vaccination against smallpox virus.But if for whatever reason a person immune to chickenpox has not received, in adulthood it is very difficult to get sick, especially men.

There have been abundant rash, severe itching, fever, severe headache and pain.Great complications, including encephalitis.Cases of death varicella in the adult population.

Muscular Dystrophy

Duchenne muscular dystrophy, described back in 1853 - a rare genetic disorder whose symptoms include muscle atrophy, abnormal skeletal growth, deformity of the spine.Modify or lost reflexes, are lagging behind in the development of up to mental retardation.

disease affects boys four times more often than girls, shown in the first 3 years of life.Duchenne muscular dystrophy is incurable, treatment is aimed at maintaining the quality of life.Patients die at a young age due to the development of heart pathologies.

Heart disease

men belonging to the male gender is a risk factor for coronary heart disease.Indeed, men aged 35-44 years die from this disease is 5 times more likely than women!

Under ischemic heart disease understand the disruption of the heart muscle (myocardium), associated with lack of blood supply to it.Coronary heart disease includes different clinical forms of heart disease such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cardio, sudden coronary death.All of these forms are extremely dangerous, they threaten human life.


autistic boys meet 4 times more often than girls.The disease manifests itself in the first years of a child's life is characterized by a strange unsociable behavior, stereotyped repetition of the same acts, a limited range of interests, fear of the new.

The causes of autism are not clear until the end, put forward various hypotheses - from mutations in the genes to mercury intoxication when vaccination of children of the first years of life.The scientific world has not yet come to a consensus about the causes of this disease.

Autism is incurable.Some therapies help to improve the lives of patients, there are examples of adult autistic people who have learned to serve themselves and live in society.But to live for people with autism is very difficult in today's ever-changing world.


WHO approved alcoholism as a disease in 1952.Alcoholism is manifested in an irresistible craving for alcohol consumption, loss of control over the volume of alcohol consumed, the development of addiction to alcohol, heavy mental and physical consequences.

Men suffering from alcoholism is much more often than women.According to statistics, 1/6 of the male population of the world consumes alcohol every day!

Alcoholism is really a very dangerous disease.Prolonged use of alcohol leads to gastritis and pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis, cancer of the esophagus, stomach, rectum, chronic heart failure.

In addition, alcohol causes severe mental disorders: loss of memory, alcoholic psychoses, the gradual degradation of the individual.Alcoholism destroys social bonds man under the influence of alcoholic beverages committed violent crimes, including murder and violence in families.

Sleeping Beauty

¬ęSleeping Beauty" disease, or Kleine-Levin syndrome affects mainly men aged 13-19 years.The disease is characterized by drowsiness and behavioral disturbances.Patients sleep most of the day, during waking irritable, apathetic, disoriented, experience constant hunger, men can also be hypersexual behavior.

They are hallucinations, tangles of dream and reality, amnesia.Periods of symptoms "Sleeping Beauty" are every 3-6 months, last for a few days.Outside the periods of exacerbation patients look healthy.

The causes of this strange syndrome is unknown, there is evidence that the syndrome is associated with puberty.Also possible cause pathology in the brain.In most cases the disease goes with age.

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