Diseases titled persons

Diseases titled persons
the monarchy's main task was to keep the rulers of the territory and public good in the hands of one family.Therefore marriages between close relatives were not uncommon.The consequences of getting the disease, inherited highborn victims of incest.

Why Tutankhamun died


Scientists are still arguing about the causes of death of 19-year-old ruler of ancient Egypt.It is believed that he had a disproportionate figure, breast augmentation, and that he suffered from inherited clubfoot, Köhler disease (associated with necrosis of bone of the foot) and had a cleft palate (cleft palate).

discovered in his tomb numerous canes, as well as images of Tutankhamun seated only led scientists to believe that he could not do on their own to stay on his feet.

As demonstrated by genetic examination, he was the son of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) and his sister.In the mummy of Tutankhamun discovered injuries of the skull bones, draining a hip fracture and signs of gangrene.

Among the versions of his dea

th is called a murder or an accident (a fall from a chariot, a snake bite) and the disease, including the hereditary (sickle-cell anemia, temporal lobe epilepsy).

Her Majesty gout

Charles V, discovery.com

The literal translation of the name of the disease from the Greek ( "foot in the trap") could not be more accurately reflects the condition of the patient.Acute pain in the area of ​​the big toe joint usually begins at night.The skin in the affected site is red, there is a fever and swelling.Any touch causes unbearable pain, and movement becomes impossible.

Seizures last from 5-6 hours to several days, without treatment, they become more frequent, and can suffer other joints.

Gout is known since the days of Hippocrates, as the disease titled persons - aristocrats and kings.Its main cause is the accumulation of salts around the joint of crystals of uric acid - a product of protein metabolism.

Gout occurs when excess use of protein foods, especially meat, and alcohol, as well as a sedentary lifestyle, so characteristic of high society.In other words, this "disease of abundance".

gout suffered Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles the V, the kings of Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov, Peter I, the kings of France and England, the Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin, some of the Popes, as well as many representatives of science and art- Newton, Charles Darwin, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Stendhal, Maupassant, etc.

unborn children of Henry VIII


Two of the six wives of King Henry VIII of, Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, unsuccessfully tried to give him an heir, almost all of their pregnancy ended in miscarriage or early infant death.The only surviving child of Catherine of Aragon was the daughter of Mary (1516-1558), and his son Edward VI bore him third wife Jane Seymour.

According to geneticists, a cause of failed pregnancies of wives was a rare blood king - with a positive Kell antigen.Only 9% of the white population has this blood.When connecting Henry VIII blood with the blood of his wives, who had no such antigen, pregnancy interrupted.

Carriers of this rare blood risk of developing McLeod syndrome.It occurs in men 40 years of age and manifests itself in the weakness of the musculoskeletal system, mental disorders and endocrine disorders.

Symptoms of this syndrome is considered to be a sharp increase in weight by age 50, muscle weakness, depressed mood, and the efforts of cruelty.According to British researcher Raphael Holinshed, in his life Henry VIII executed 72,000 people.

Habsburgs: champions incest


Habsburg dynasty was able to subdue the territory is so huge that in the XVI century about them said that the sun never sets on their land.Representatives of the ruling Habsburgs met in homes Austria, Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Croatia.

However, payment for this policy is that three generations of almost all titled persons with this name became relatives, both maternal and paternal.

Last of the Spanish Habsburgs, Charles II was born disabled, suffering from epilepsy, digestive disorders, impotence, I had problems with bone development.Hypertrophic structure of the jaw (Habsburg lip) and language prevented him to speak articulately and to fully chew food.

His father Philip IV after the death of his heir Balthazar, born of the French Bourbon Isabella, married his bride and his own niece Mariana of Austria.From this marriage was born, and Charles II.

inbreeding coefficient (the percentage of the same genes in the DNA) had been 25.4%.For comparison, when a brother or sister due to her father with her daughter this figure is 25%.King did not live up to 39 years without an heir, and after his death the war of the Spanish Succession, which lasted 13 years, and then ascended to the throne of the French Bourbons.

George III and porphyria


One of the most mysterious hereditary disease porphyria, which are similar to the symptoms of vampirism, is not spared, and crowned heads.The word comes from the Greek porphyreos - purple.

substance porphyrin derivative of hemoglobin liberated in patients in large quantities in urine stains red-purple color.Hereditary enzyme synthesis anomaly leads to hysterical and psychopathic states.Acute attacks manifest as delusions, hallucinations, incoherence of speech, insomnia, disorientation.

This is what happened to George III (during the reign of 1760-1811), a disease which contemporaries considered madness.During the attacks he was completely insane, which ultimately prevented him from ruling the country.His eldest son, George, Prince of Wales, was appointed regent, and the monarch died after 9 years.

Queen Victoria and hemophilia


Ruler of the British Empire gave birth to 9 children (4 sons and 5 daughters), and she was a carrier of hemophilia.This disease is associated with impaired blood clotting, due to which the patient may die from the slightest scratch.Ill always only men, but women only pass the gene to their offspring.

As children Victoria married with many of the royal families, hemophilia caught a lot of titled persons.Not passed it, and Tsarevich Alexei, Nicholas II, son of the Romanov dynasty, as his mother was the granddaughter Alexandra Victoria.

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