Damage energy: just the facts

Damage energy: just the facts
nowadays becoming increasingly popular energy drinks.They are sold everywhere - in bars and night clubs, shops or kiosks, and even in those places where they really did not expect - in fitness clubs or gyms.If you believe the advertising, energy, give strength, courage and provide excellent health, which makes it possible for a long time to be active not experience fatigue.However, about the dangers of such stimulants is not a word.

Energy drinks are especially popular among young people.They are used before the session, students, office workers, tired drivers and party-goers.

Usually energy sold in aluminum cans of 0.33 or 0.5 liters.The taste they resemble the usual sugary soda with enough pleasant aroma.With their use, few people think about what is hidden inside the power.Often, however, their use leads to significant health problems.

Energy may be alcoholic and soft, and the latter have no restrictions on sale and can be sold even to children and adolescents.From this point of view of Power dam

age that do not have alcohol in the composition is much higher, especially in the use of their children.

energy drinks and the effects on health

no magic ingredient in energy drinks is not, but the energy from different manufacturers may differ in composition of food "chemistry" - flavorings and colorings, sweeteners or any other additives.At the heart of these drinks are also the same basic components.

One of the main stimulants as part of energy drinks is caffeine.According to the principle effects of energy drinks something similar to coffee, but the damage to the power engineering is much stronger than even the use of very large amounts of coffee, because the concentration of caffeine in the energy sector is huge.

This is due to the fact that no control substances and content standards in the energy sector is not, and the producers are added to the composition of the components at its own discretion.In high doses, caffeine becomes a real agent of and stimulus for the body.Initially, it improves mood, but it gradually turns into a time bomb, a complex effect on many organs and body systems.

Because caffeine occurs in blood pressure, which increases the heart in "emergency" mode, it wears out much and inevitably leads to disturbances in the functioning.

When an excess of caffeine can disrupt circadian rhythms and insomnia, there is a constant feeling of anxiety.Excess caffeine negatively affects the composition of bone, leading to leaching of calcium and osteoporosis, irritates the digestive tract wall and causes heartburn and nausea.

A mixture of caffeine with alcohol as a part of power engineering significantly increases the negative influence of drink, acting in opposite directions - Alcohol slows and depresses the nervous system, while caffeine stimulates her immediately.The body can not understand - he needed to calm or excited, which leads to mental breakdowns, and stress, and the level of these disorders depends on the amount of alcohol consumed.

also opposite they affect the heart and blood vessels: caffeine strongly stimulates the heart and blood vessels, and drink their highly relaxing.Because of such dual command heart literally jumps out of the chest and much wear.As a result, with a weak heart and predisposition can occur heart attack or cardiac arrest.

In addition, energy use is addictive, similar to alcohol and drugs.

addition of caffeine as a part of power engineering have taurine, popular with those who are involved in sports.Although he himself had many good qualities, but as part of Power, it increases the acidity of gastric juice.

harm Energy - sugar and chemicals

in the energy sector a lot of sugar, which is about the dangers of long-known to all.Sugar is able to excite the nervous system, especially when combined with caffeine, it also aids in the deposition of fat, it breaks structure of tooth enamel and leads to the development of caries.

addition to natural sugars, energy and mass can contain sweeteners - aspartame, negatively affects the entire body, sorbitol and others.

Among other things, these jars can be found half of the periodic table - the food of "chemistry" there abound.All this can not but affect the body and leads to allergies, liver problems, or exchange disorders.

course, energy and vitamins and contains useful amino acids, but their potential benefit overlaps the harm that is applied to the basic components.

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