As infected Ebola

As infected Ebola
in the media almost daily stories about the flash output of the deadly Ebola virus outside Africa and spread it to the world.This causes at least suspicion, and often panic attacks.The question arises as infected with Ebola, and whether to be afraid of the Russians.

What is in fact the risk of spreading the virus and the formation of a pandemic, if mortality is high in the disease?Possible infection when in contact with sick or when visiting afikanskih countries?Is there any likelihood of the spread of the Ebola virus in our country?All these questions will try to answer in our article.

little common data

At the end of November 2014 according to the WHO toll from Ebola is more than 7 thousand people.The highest percentage of cases registered in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.Cases of fever penetration in America and European countries (Czech Republic, Serbia, Spain and Makedniyu).

Infected today there are about 16 thousand people, and mortality according to doctors ranges from 48 to 80%.Today, t

he WHO and other health organizations to combat dangerous diseases recognize that this outbreak of the disease has become an emergency situation for a number of countries.But to what extent this fever is dangerous for us, we can understand, to understand how to become infected with Ebola and what kind of disease.

Hemorrhagic Fever Ebola

belongs to the group of hemorrhagic fever, is an acute viral infection, for which there is a very high temperature as the main leading symptom of bleeding occur on the skin and mucous membranes, internal bleeding and hemorrhage.Due to this, such a fever and are called hemorrhagic.

Massive bleeding due to loss of blood can lead to death.In today refer to those diseases for at least 15 fevers, some of which are also found in Russia (eg, West Nile fever and Crimean-Congo).From the majority of hemorrhagic fevers are sufficiently effective vaccines that can reliably protect people from the disease, and therefore dangerous, as such, are not considered.But the fever Ebola vaccine actually at the moment no, although there are a number of successful research in this direction.

Ebola refers to the especially dangerous infections, in addition to plague and cholera, and implies the presence of a strict quarantine measures and specific actions physicians, but it does not mean that this infection is absolutely lethal.When outbreaks of Ebola requires the introduction of sanitary protection of territories, but the country's quarantine administered only by special order.

time for Ebola was not possible to determine its natural host, as this infection has got to man from animals.Scientists have suspected carriers of the virus in monkeys, but it turned out that the main hosts of Ebola in nature are bats.

The question arises - how people become infected with Ebola, the virus of mice can get to the person?Recall that the African continent, where it appeared the first cases of fever, is not rich, and hunger there is quite a common phenomenon.Therefore, the locals do not hesitate, and despite the bans consume virtually all of the animals and insects.In the food consumed themselves flying rodents, and contact them wild animals - monkeys, antelope and porcupines.One of the means of transmission is the consumption of contaminated meat - hence the first cases of Ebola infection.

How Ebola infected

Ebola virus in nature, there are at least five different kinds.Hazardous types of viruses are transmitted from one person to another is not easy enough, though the media write about 95% of contagiousness (infectiousness that is).This index means that out of a hundred pin catch 95, if they do not have immunity or natural protection from the virus.

But it is not necessary immediately to faint with terror.Ebola infected through saliva, vomit, blood, semen, vaginal secretions.These biological environment should fall on the mucous membranes or broken skin areas (puncture needle when injected, cut with a scalpel during surgery) through sexual contact or kissing.Then a healthy person with a probability of 95% may be ill.

How could such a high incidence in Africa and from events in Europe?Most European cases - importations of dangerous countries or people among physicians caring for patients.Those cases that were identified in Africa in large numbers - this particular mentality and way of countries where mortality is highest.Most infected in Africa, are hurt in their homes, where they are looked after by close relatives.They are treated by shamans, passing eerie rites Injury and wounds and blood mixing.Naturally, the use of gloves and any elementary remedies are not talking at all.

Moreover, infected with Ebola and corpses of the victims of the fever.Funeral traditions prescribe kissing the dead, hence also the mass spread of the virus, high infection rate.Given the severe hunger and living conditions, need to understand that the level of immunity of these people is low, which means that the virus is actively developed and is fatal.

In European countries, however, with a high level of medicine the patient is infectious is not 95% of the people around him.Particularly at risk of contracting it from doctors and technicians who will be making his tests and who will treat him.Even if a patient with Ebola will travel with you on public transport or pick you up at the store, and sneeze or cough on you, you do not catch - airborne virus is not transmitted!Ebola infected through sexual contact with the patient, kissing and using a syringe (drug addicts).

whether Ebola curable?

Although the media and full of figures of death in 90%, but in reality it is not so - even in poorly equipped African hospitals the mortality rate is about 60%, and mostly killed by Ebola, those who hid and did not apply for assistance even before the terminal,fatal fever stages.

But fever is extremely difficult to treat, as opposed to microbial infections from the virus there are no specific medications such as antibiotics.However, it developed an effective pathogenetic (effect on development mechanisms) and symptomatic (on display) therapy.A combination treatment in a strict isolation of the patient, and it is possible to cure.America and Europe are not afraid to bring home their infected specialists because they knew that they could be cured, and that in Africa, adequate treatment they receive.By the way - the specialists are on the mend.

doctors of our country confidently say - Ebola pandemic will not, according to the WHO outbreak is already on the decline thanks to the coordinated actions on localization and time limits for entry in the dangerous zone.

In Russia, the virus is - but not the public, and in particular private research laboratories, which are involved in the development of vaccines against this and other dangerous infections.They work quite legally, and have all of the residence permit of these viruses.

Therefore, you should not believe everything that is said and written in the media in pursuit of sensations - many artificially escalate the situation in order to obtain this particular benefit.

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