How did the crisis affect our health

How did the crisis affect our health
fact that a serious economic crisis, is already clear to everyone in Russia.Currency fluctuations ultimately reflected in our health.What awaits us in the near future, and how to minimize the risks?

Medicines and medical services

Rising prices of imported drugs has seen many who buy them regularly.Unfortunately, this is not the limit, not only become more expensive and domestic products, although not to the same extent.

The same applies to any medical services, their prices do not grow as fast, but that will not go away.

If you have a chronic condition that requires regular medication, and there is a small supply of money, is now purchase a large batch of drugs in store, only consider the period of their validity.

This is a good investment depreciating ruble, now in many pharmacies can still be found from past drug supplies at lower prices.It is convenient to search and Internet pharmacies, which also is easier to order large quantities.

to be tested for the future or take a massage course exter

nally, of course, it will not work, but if you, for example, for a long time to cure, or to insert the teeth, to conduct some cosmetology surgery, it's time to do it now.

Useful products

More on the previous financial crisis it is known that in this period often burn through shops selling expensive high quality goods and low cost network of shops, on the contrary, begin to flourish.

people again looking cheap sausage and cheese, and fruit and vegetables from the refuse at all, that can not affect the health.

So, even less available will be red fish (salmon and trout), as well as some other useful species, increasing the price of imported pasta made from durum wheat, not to mention the wholemeal flour, high-quality tea and coffee and even a good alcohol(as well as high-quality alcohol becomes unavailable, people are looking for cheaper substitutes it).

Sausages and sausage with a great deal of soy, dairy products from milk powder ... the list is long.

way out is to spend on the selection and purchase of products over time, if it is not possible to spend more money.

Carefully study the composition of the products, read reviews on the Internet and the results of examinations - no need to spoil your health obviously substandard products.

Look for local products, though not such as import, to which you are accustomed to, but natural and quality.

Finally, learn cooking sites in search of original recipes from inexpensive simple products.Something can be purchased in retail and wholesale stores, to monitor sites nearest shops before going for discounts and promotions.

Yes, all it will take more time, but we always save either time or money, but to save on health just not worth it.


Many distant from the economy before the people now monitor exchange rates and oil prices, read articles, and economists include news, to hear the next forecast.

reports about how the situation is getting worse, and that we were all waiting, crowded social network where photos currency board ousted the traditional photo even seals.

result - constant stress and periods of even the real panic.What emotions are reflected on health, and it is not necessary to explain.

Ask yourself if that helps you something kind of information that you consume huge portions of the TV and the Internet.In 99% of cases it does not help you in any way. Of course, if you are not a trader, and your work is not directly related to the exchange rates .

Everything that happens in the country and in the world economy does not depend on you, it's like a natural disaster, which is necessary to survive.The state of constant depression that does not contribute.

Try to limit your intake you do not need negative information.This does not mean you have to wear rose-colored glasses, just focus on their business, family care, work, health, children - all of that depends on you.

holiday and leisure

Prices for permits seriously grown and continue to grow, and in the period of financial instability, many are choosing to limit spending it on vacation and leisure.

By then something completely refuses to leave, preferring to earn extra money, someone cancels trip and spends the entire vacation all at the same TV or computer, to monitor the situation in the country.

But rest is needed in order to have the strength to survive are not the easiest times for work wear leads to breakdowns and exacerbations of chronic diseases.

Define for yourself what good rest - it's the same urgent need as food and medicine.And the basis of this approval, plan your spending.

let you opt out of some pre-crisis habits, but organize yourself a good holiday you can and spend less.

Think about a trip to the nearest city, instead of Europe, cottage rentals chipped with another family for a few weeks, instead of trips to a sanatorium.

Finally, you can fully relax and just stay at home - go for walks, skiing and ice skating, visit the interesting events in the city, most importantly, do not stay for the entire vacation in a bed in an embrace with a laptop and gloomy thoughts.

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