7 of the best friends of your immunity

7 of the best friends of your immunity
autumn-winter season is traditionally a major test for our immunity.In order to successfully resist the attack of disease-causing viruses and bacteria and maintain health, we need to take care of strengthening the body's defenses in advance.This can be done by various methods, details of which - in our article.

immune system begins to take shape even during fetal development, and then in the course of life goes through various stages of maturity.

bone marrow, lymphatic extensive network of spleen - all of these bodies are responsible for our protection from the negative influence of pathological organisms.

Unfortunately, the established system may malfunction.The culprits immune deterioration can be a variety of factors, ranging from adverse environmental and ending addictions.And then not to avoid frequent illnesses, low efficiency and poor health.

To reverse the process, as well as to prevent possible immune problems in the future, you can call for help seven of the best friends of our immunity.

1. Calm

One of the main enemies of immunity - stress.This insidious and invisible enemy waiting for us everywhere: at work, at home, in public transport.

According to the National Institutes of Health, sluggish chronic stress significantly increases the risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer and other diseases, as well as significantly weakens the body's immune system.

the sake of their own well-being is to make every effort not to succumb to stress.Favorite hobbies, sports, socializing with friends, meditation - all this can many times to increase stress resistance and favorably affect the state of immunity.

2. Physical activity

Even our ancestors knew that the movement - that's life.And modern doctors fully support this idea and give it a scientific basis.

data of numerous studies show that regular exercise reduces the number of hospital days and lack of exercise, on the contrary, it contributes to the development of numerous diseases, including chronic nature.

Thus, exercise is an effective way to strengthen the immune system and, consequently, health.

3. Good sleep

health can not be imagined without proper rest.And good restful sleep - its main component.Just a few days of deprivation of full sleep can adversely affect the immune system.

The average adult should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, although some people need only 5 hours, and some - as much as 10 hours.

4. Proper nutrition

strengthen the immune system greatly contributes to proper nutrition.To strengthen the body's defenses need to adjust their daily menu and increase the share of the products with immunostimulatory properties.

forces contribute to increase the protective substances such as zinc, selenium, iodine, cellulose, bifidobacteria, antioxidants, vitamins, various groups, and unsaturated volatile fatty acids.

these natural catalysts immunity rich fresh fruits and vegetables, sea fish, nuts, grains, dairy products.

5. Immunomodulatory additives

Among the products that are particularly "taste" our immunity, we can identify a number of those in which the concentration of nutrients is especially great.

In nature, there are a number superfudov - the best plants and herbs to maintain and strengthen the immune system.

  • Amalakii - in the fruit of this plant contain 30 times more vitamin C than oranges, and 1.5 times more than in the wild rose.Thanks to its unique composition, the plant is a leader in antioxidant, toning and immunomodeliruyuschim properties.
  • Guttuiniya - plant native to China is considered a natural antibiotic.It has anti-inflammatory and diuretic, and strengthens the immune system.
  • Noni - tropical fruit, a recognized powerful antioxidant.It normalizes the nervous activity and blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, supports the immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems, as well as slow down the development of cancer.

But stick a menu that includes a variety of often exotic and therefore inaccessible to the Russian consumer products, adaptogens and adjuvants, it is quite difficult.

way out of the situation can become welcome specially designed herbal preparations to enhance immunity, which contain in their composition once all of these useful components.

6. Moderation

known that excessive alcohol consumption is undermining the immune defense, weakening the body.However, surprisingly, doctors say that the moderate consumption of alcohol has a beneficial effect on the immune system.

Of course, you must comply with the measure - no more than one glass of wine a day.Regular exceeding this dose significantly reduces the body's resistance to pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Moderation should also be present in food consumption.Daily overeating can lead not only unaesthetic folds of fat, but also undermined immunity, since the whole energy of the body will go on digesting food, and not to fight viruses and bacteria.

Even sports activities can cause harm if you act irrationally.In all training is important restraint.It is necessary to give preference to moderate, but regular training, not too intense, which can undermine the body's defenses.

7. Hardening

importance of tempering procedures are unlikely to be proven.This is one of the most popular and effective methods to strengthen the immune system and maintain it at an appropriate level in both children and adults.

tempers can be a variety of ways.The most common contrasting water treatments, air baths, wiping, winter swimming (for advanced).

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