Interesting facts about the medicine " Tsitovir - 3 "

Interesting facts about the medicine " Tsitovir - 3 "
best experts in the field of pediatric drugs - is not eminent scientists, and ordinary moms who are willing to re-read the mountain of scientific literature, to be sure: their children receive only the most efficient and high-quality products.It is about one of these will be discussed in this article, focusing on the little-known, but important details.

Who and when invented the drug "Tsitovir 3»

development of a new drug for the treatment of influenza and SARS began with studies of Lev Yakovlevich Ebert, who, along with his colleagues discovered new properties of matter Dibazolum.

It was this scientist revealed he interferonogenous properties that make the body's cells resistant to viruses.Alas, his discovery was not enough evidence, but despite this dibazolom still treated different cold up to 80-ies of the last century.

situation changed only after the beginning of 80th junior researcher Tsaplin, trying to strengthen the immune system of your child, conducted a series of experiments, one of whi

ch gave results.

He mixed with Dibazolum timogenom that gave new drug resistant form.Later they added another, and ascorbic acid, which optimize the performance of the first two components and made "Tsitovir-3" one of the most effective drugs against influenza and SARS.

Salvation Allergy

Many people know that "Tsitovir-3" powder safe for allergic children, because, firstly, it does not contain sugar in the composition, and secondly, even in flavored powders are used only hypoallergenic Swissflavoring.

But the fact that it can give even the kids with atopic dermatitis, not everyone knows.For these children it has been developed "Tsitovir 3" powder for solution with a neutral taste.It does not cause itching or rashes on the skin, effectively strengthens the immune system, thereby helping to fight and with atopy, and acute respiratory viral infections.

Which links of immunity is valid drug

Unlike other common immunomodulators "Tsitovir-3" through the active elements that are included in its composition, acts directly on the cellular, humoral immunity, promotes the production of T and B lymphocytes.

produced endogenous interferon, which is, in fact, responsible for the body's resistance to various viruses.

impossible not to mention the fact that "Tsitovir-3" activates the alpha-interferon and normalizes permeability of small vessels, which inhibits inflammation.All of these actions in the complex as soon as possible to stabilize the immune system.

better powder formulation

Many are accustomed to treat their children's syrups and tablets, and if in the first case, the blister can take on the road and not be afraid for his safety, the fragile glass butylek - not the best idea for a camp kit.

It should be noted that most children do not like to take pills or because of their bitter taste, or because of the fact that just can not swallow such a big thing.

Hence, the advantages of the powder: it does not take up much space, the expiration date is higher than that of the syrup, it is more economical, because the lack of such drugs on two courses, pleasant taste due to fructose, and most importantly, quickly absorbed into the tissues of the body.

Why "Tsitovir-3" can be given to young children

«Tsitovir-3" powder - virtually the only immunomodulator, which can accept children of one year, because he has no inhibitory effect on children's immunity, and strengthens it.

drug resistant forms the immune status of 1-1.5 months, making it an excellent preventive tool.

In fact, many doctors, depending on the individual child data prescribed "Tsitovir-3", even the kids who are less than a year old.

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