What do you get from a dog

What do you get from a dog
Even if the pet has to be extremely accommodating disposition and well house trained, its owner could face a very real danger.There are a number of serious diseases - zooantroponozov that a person can become infected by a dog.

most high risk of being infected by a stray dog, but also a favorite contact with a well-groomed can also lead to negative consequences.As a rule, domestic dogs in one way or another continue to communicate with their orphaned relatives: while walking through the survey characteristic "markers" that leave the animals.

This means that one can not exclude the possibility of infection and further human infection after contact with your pet.

In addition, not all dog owners visit the veterinary clinic to vaccinate your pet, which is a gross violation of the rules for keeping pets.

How do you get from a dog

diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, have a parasitic, viral or bacterial in nature.

Usually infection occurs in the following ways:

  • nutritional - in the use of unboiled water, unwashed food contaminated with the agent;
  • pin - by direct contact with sick animals;
  • through saliva - this method of infection are most susceptible to the children, who love to kiss your pet;
  • through blood - through the bite of sick animals;
  • through carriers - they usually are fleas and ticks.


infected by leptospirosis dogs can be in contact with water, which has got the saliva or urine of a sick animal.The risk of infection is increased if the skin or mucous membranes are damaged person.

penetrated into the body, pathogens (leptospira) occupy such vital organs as the liver, kidneys, nervous system tissue and muscles, causing them to defeat and total intoxication.

The main preventive measure is timely vaccination of dogs and human basic sanitary requirements while swimming in open water and in dealing with outsiders allowed.

Rabies Deadly viral disease that affects all mammals.To catch them the dog is possible with contact with blood or broken skin of human saliva and blood of the sick animal.

bloodstream the virus is transported to the central nervous system and after the onset of clinical symptoms is fatal.

Secure dog from rabies can be via an annual vaccination.

dog owner should prevent any contact with wild and stray animals and to hold regular events for the destruction of a private house of small rodents.


caused by various species of parasite disease affects mostly those dogs that during walks tend to pick up garbage or eat the feces of other animals.From an infected pet larvae of worms enter the human body, where they begin to multiply.

Depending on helminthiases pathogen can affect a variety of organs: gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system, lungs, liver, muscle system.

To prevent infection from a dog worms need to at least three times a year to carry out preventive deworming of the animal.

addition, care should be taken to carry out personal hygiene and mandatory thermal processing of meat food.


disease is caused by pathogenic fungi (Trichophyton and mikospor), affecting the skin.Humans can be infected by ringworm dog in contact with sick animals or through household items.The most susceptible to infection by people who have a weakened immune system.

To avoid infection, you should regularly inspect the dog, and at the slightest suspicion of zoster seek help from the veterinary clinic.If the animal is already sick, should strengthen safety precautions, daily processing premises and animal household items (bowls, litter) disinfectant.

Toxoplasmosis causes intracellular parasites disease has different ways of transmission: airborne, fecal-oral.The dog can become infected when consuming raw meat with the agent.

To a man the disease can go on contact with the saliva of a sick dog, but the Toxoplasma contagious only for a few minutes.Toxoplasma also excreted in faeces, but become infectious only after 1-5 days.In general, dogs infected by toxoplasmosis unlikely.

When the disease affects the nervous system, eye, muscle, lymphoid tissue and spleen.

Prevent Infection is possible, if personal hygiene, conduct cooking of meat products and avoid contact with sick animals.

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