Self-medication , resulting in intensive care

Self-medication , resulting in intensive care
Distrust of doctors and self on various "people's recipes" can lead to serious consequences.

Scary stories

«These holidays have brought to us by fast boy 6 years.Unconscious.Repeated vomiting.Bradycardia and arrhythmia.Pupils and wide right pupil wider left and deformed.On the scalp - fresh abrasion.Mothers of young age knows nothing and does not know.With resuscitator dragged the boy to the scanner.Brain - unharmed!In analyzes - without much crime.

convene specialists in intensive care.Judged ryadili not invented anything, except that the man most likely something poisoned.Again become sophisticated torture patient Mamani.And we find out!

The boy appeared pinworms.Scratching your ass, worms seen in feces and panties.She is someone's advice brewed in boiling water from the tobacco pack Prima cigarettes and made it black kid enema solution in a volume of 100 ml.The guy somewhere then went, staggered, fell and lost consciousness.What if the mass of appropriate and affordable drugs would make su

ch experiments, Ma could not explain »(the real story of the doctor's blog).

can be attributed to the inadequacy of a particular mother, if such cases doctors do not meet very often.

For example, received great acclaim use in the treatment of oncological diseases kerosene.Inside, of course, not even for compresses or something like that.

All the same fuel and highly toxic to the internet are also offered to treat, for example, diabetes and laryngitis.In general, a cure, a panacea.

In fact, kerosene - this is the real poison, any use of a substance causing serious harm to the body.Doctors also have to contend with the consequences.

«Kerosene - this is not a medical product, is basically poison.It carcinogens mass of poisonous substances and, most importantly, the remains of the catalysts of heavy metals (including lead).I treated a patient who in the army medic oiled almond kerosene.The patient was poisoned, he was in intensive care, prolonged mechanical ventilation, postintubatsionny stenosis of the larynx.I had him to hold landmark laringoplastiki and before the final closing laringostomy had yet to make a tonsillectomy as angina continued » (story ENT doctor at the Medical Forum) .

What else but a doctor

According to the latest sociological research, only 32% of Russians in the event of sickness seek medical attention.Most prefer to treat yourself or relying on techniques suggested by friends, the media, internet forums and, at best, a pharmacist in a pharmacy.

What are the reasons for such Russians distrust doctors and public health in general?

  • Organizational problems of Russian medicine

Not everyone is willing to spend half a day in a queue at the reception in the district hospital.Treatment in the commercial centers of medical costs quite expensive, it can afford only a small percentage of our citizens.

State the medicine is designed so that the more serious you are sick, the more time you have to spend in line, knocking out the voucher at the reception waiting for the examination and so on.

  • problems in doctor-patient communication

in foreign medical schools much attention is paid to teaching communication skills, that is, doctors are taught how to communicate with patients.Proper communication is understood as the most important factor in successful treatment.

for us in the country, this practice is not very developed, such a course if there is, very often conducted formally, with a few exceptions.

Svetlana Zlobin, therapist: "To most people trust?Stranger who condescendingly say, what to do, and next to which he would feel even a fool in some situations, or a friend, for example, which can be calmly discuss the situation, to share experiences?I think our doctors often neglect the effect of the trust communication.Because of the "god complex" due to burnout or simply because they are not able to otherwise.Hence the desire to once again not to talk to your doctor and do self-medicate. "

As a result, sick people would rather go to the sensitive magician, psychic, or folk healer than the clinic.And if the problem is intimate, or even prefer to search for information on the Internet and to be treated yourself.

  • belief in "natural»

In our country, for some reason, very strong fear crucial for all kinds of "chemistry".It is believed that the treated herbs and folk remedies safe and effective.Although in fact many herbs can cause serious harm to the body if start taking without consulting a doctor.

Conversely, modern drugs are multiple safety checks, and constantly improving, so as not to give adverse effects.

example, forums for moms can find advice to grease the baby gums strong alcohol when teething, to relieve pain.While in the pharmacy you can find quality gels designed specifically for this age group, and for these purposes.

The most interesting thing is that if you look at the chemical composition of funds for herbal medicine and tablets, it is often the same substance.

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