Treatment of SARS and influenza in the elderly

Treatment of SARS and influenza in the elderly
If a cold or flu in young and middle-aged people usually pass without a trace, the maximum they miss a few days at a university or at work, for seniors, even banal SARS can be very dangerous and lead to serious complications.

According to the latest statistics from pneumonia as a complication of influenza in the elderly occur in two times more likely than middle-aged people.

Furthermore, in patients who have crossed the age barrier of 60 years, pneumonia typically occurs precisely in moderate and severe forms.And only 10-12% of patients unable to move it in an easy manner and to avoid complications such as shortness of breath and cyanosis of the lips, the tip of the nose and fingers.

Older people have a high risk of occurrence of sinusitis, sinusitis and various other inflammatory lesions of the paranasal sinuses.There are cases when at the same time all the inflamed sinuses and because of the hidden flow of sinusitis may lead to complications in the eyes and brain.

Due weakness protective func

tions infection of the upper respiratory tract in some cases can easily get to the bronchi, which in turn causes pneumonia and bronchitis.

danger of colds and flu for people in this age group is still in the fact that they aggravate chronic diseases that have virtually every elderly person - namely, diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, in addition, it is likely to develop kidneyfailure.

Cases when the first signs of colds are simply lost in the background of major chronic diseases, which leads to their advanced stage.Because of this, even banal acute respiratory infection characterized erased picture flow - no heat, and it can be diagnosed only by general weakness, increased drowsiness, pain in muscles and joints, as well as a decrease in appetite and a feeling of weakness.

In addition, the elderly are much higher risk of contracting SARS and influenza from the patient or a carrier of the disease.This is due to the fact that with the onset of sixty years, a person in the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract begin to develop atrophic processes: thinner epithelium, reduced the number of ciliated cells, as well as blood flow to the mucosa and development of mucin deteriorate, leading to easy penetration of harmful particles in the throat.

Treatment of the elderly has been very difficult and often complicated by the fact that many drugs can adversely affect the immune system and weakened organs exposed to chronic diseases.Therefore, it is important to think about the timely prevention and drink away the course most safe drugs.

To enhance immunity in this case the most suitable drug "Tsitovir-3 ', which is combined with all known drugs and sugarless additive which can cause allergic reactions.Adult patients are usually prescribed "Tsitovir-3" in the capsules, but is also suitable for older people and absolutely neutral powder for solution in the correct dosage.

undoubted advantage of this drug is that it should take only four days, repeat the course if necessary, is carried out in three or four weeks.One pack enough for exactly a course, and the price "Tsitovir-3" is low - from 230 rubles depending on the pharmacy network, which is quite affordable for even the pensioners with low income.

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