The early signs of cancer

The early signs of cancer
According to a recent study by researchers from the UK, most people ignore the symptoms that can actually talk about the development of cancer.Let's speak about the early signs of cancer.

Half of the people who were born in 1960 and later develop cancer.It sounds conclusion research scientists from Queen Mary University in London, recently published in professional medical journal.

We are talking about the UK but around the same numbers can be easily extended to other European countries, including Russia.

In the case of cancer, early diagnosis is critical, in fact often meaning the difference between life and death.

This another group of British scientists drew attention to the fact that most of those with whom they spoke in the course of his studies, tend to ignore the early signs of cancer, considering them insignificant.

speak about the 10 early signs that may indicate cancer.

10 early signs of cancer

If you or someone in your family there was at least one of the mentioned symptoms below

, it is an occasion to see a doctor, advise experts.At least in order to experience relief.

  1. Persistent cough or hoarseness.Even if the intensity of coughing a little, it interferes little, but virtually impossible to treat, it can be a signal about the development of lung cancer.
  2. Changes in the appearance of moles.The appearance of moles, where before there were none, the rapid growth of birthmarks or change their surface can talk about the beginning of the development of skin cancer.
  3. Changes in the nature of bowel movements, any unusual signs can talk about bowel cancer.
  4. scars.For example, non-healing ulcers or wounds in the mouth can speak of the emergence of cancer of the oral cavity.
  5. Persistent problems with swallowing.There was a problem with swallowing, sensation of a lump in the throat is not associated with inflammatory colds, can talk about the development of esophageal cancer.
  6. Unexplained weight loss.According to doctors, this symptom can talk about several forms of cancer.
  7. Changes in the nature of urination, all appeared strange symptoms may indicate cancer of the bladder or prostate cancer in men.
  8. Persistent unexplained pain.Even not too severe pain in any part of the body, but the torment almost without a break, which you can not find other reasons, may speak about the emergence of tumors.
  9. Unexplained bleeding.Depending on its source, may be a signal of development, for example, colon or cervical cancer.
  10. Cones incomprehensible nature.Any volumetric education Palpable under the skin, may have a malignant nature.

Experts point out that each of the symptoms can talk about the presence of a disease, not necessarily cancer.Nevertheless, it is the appearance of these symptoms should be cause for treatment to the doctor and surveys.

Why people ignore important symptoms

study by British scientists also made it clear why people so often abandon the campaign to the doctor if these symptoms.According to the head of research of Katrina Whitaker, the main reason is that people believe the symptoms insignificant.

second reason is the opposite.Some patients, by contrast, immediately suspected cancer, faced with similar early signs, and are afraid to hear the diagnosis from a doctor or as a whole do not trust the medicine.In the case of real-oncological diagnosis such fear means that precious time will be lost.

In addition, people were talking about that written off appeared symptoms of aging.By itself, a constant, mild pain or the nature of any other changes in the body of people convinced that it is now part of their everyday life, which you just need to accept.

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