Joint birth : pros and cons

character, course and outcome of labor is largely dependent on the readiness and psychological comfort women, and to ensure normal delivery helps the practice of joint delivery.

Joint childbirth - these are the families with the assistant.This means that there can be someone else in addition to medical staff close to giving birth: mother, sister, girlfriend, husband, but more is meant by this assistant.

Previously the presence of strangers in the delivery room was strictly prohibited, it is now quite acceptable.However, not even in all hospitals.In fact in modern doctors have reason.They believe that the practice of joint delivery is not always justified.

submissions for

  • Men who were on birth, confident that their assistance was significant for women: they help mentally and physically (kept by the hand, rubbing the lower back).
  • Husbands satisfied with the opening of the sacrament of childbirth and believe that the child they are not replaced.
  • Men wakes paternal instinct and sense of respons
    ibility for the family."Parous" fathers quickly penetrate to the baby senses and become friends for life to their children.
  • The attitude of men to their wives and women in general: valued and respected for showing willpower and overcoming pain;I think much of, a sense of attachment.
  • presence of both parents at birth affects the formation of spiritual and physical connection with the baby and harmonious attitude toward life.It is believed that these children are more understanding with their parents.
  • woman who still decided to take joint childbirth, feeling the protection, care and support for her husband.
  • presence of a loved one in the delivery room medical staff discipline: hold on incorrect and rude remarks about mothers.

Childbirth alone justified if a husband loves his wife, unborn child, and he is willing to attend the birth.This means that he attended courses in preparation for childbirth, and knows how to behave.


Joint childbirth are contraindicated in the following cases:

  • man not sure or do not want to participate in the process of childbirth.
  • The family discord: husband, wife far from the problems a child for him unwelcome, etc.
  • woman wished for something to avenge the father of the child, causing him to be present at the birth and see what she has to experience a meal.
  • husband is not prepared to leave (do not go on courses), and a desire to attend arose spontaneously (often with the filing of his wife).
  • man afraid of the sight of blood.This "Assistant" will only be a burden on medical staff.
  • impressionable man - can become confused and behave inappropriately (from what you experience stress, depression, guilt, shock).Subsequently, he may no longer perceive his wife as a woman.
  • Hidden complexes women: shy of his appearance (no makeup on her face, disheveled, sweaty) and behavior at the time of delivery.This can make it difficult childbirth.
  • There is a risk that the joint childbirth negatively affect the sexual life of the spouses.


Exodus partnerships childbirth is difficult to predict.It is obvious that such a careless approach to the important process is impossible.Joint childbirth - is an event you agree on a voluntary basis.And a man must make a choice according to their own desires, and not to be led by his wife.

decision must be made well in advance before delivery to both spouses can prepare mentally and physically.And only after weighing all the pros and cons, you make a choice in favor of the partnership delivery.

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