Birth in water : pros and cons

Birth in water : pros and cons
Birth in water is now becoming more popular.This is due in part to the fashion trends, in part - the reluctance of women themselves to give birth in the hospital.

process of birth of the child is very difficult and painful for both the expectant mother and for the baby.Of course, every woman wants to weaken the pain of childbirth, often using unconventional methods.To this category belong, and water birth.

birth Pros water

Many obstetricians agree that water birth easier fight, reducing their long and painful.Furthermore, the woman in labor deeply submerged in water, the easier the fruit exits.

fear that drown the newborn, it is absolutely groundless, because the newly born baby is not breathing, and only his first cry says that a child has taken the first breath.

Childbirth in water held at home, and the next must be present a professional midwife.At home birth in water is good for the fact that the warm water and native walls help to relax, thereby childbirth are natural and softer.Calm music,

smooth voice of her husband and the midwife will contribute to easier and faster delivery.

birth Lows in water

If the water is too warm, it can provoke a breach of the heat transfer process during childbirth.Of course, it is not safe for the baby.

Warm water is also a good place for bacteria, so the water should be changed every 4-5 hours.

Perhaps the main negative birth in water - is the risk of getting an infection from the water in the blood mother and child.It is best if boiled water will be prepared for delivery.

Birth in water is much more difficult to control than usual.

Childbirth in water: contraindications

At birth in the water there are some contraindications:

  • if mothers are too narrow pelvis or fruit oversized;
  • with strong preeclampsia, diabetes mother;
  • in the presence of maternal drug addiction or mental illness;
  • with placenta previa, diseases of the cardiovascular system, cervical dystonia.

Any other unexpected complications, the midwife discovered before birth, can also be an obstacle to the birth in water.

course, opt for delivery in water or in favor of traditional birth mother is always a personal matter.However, before making such a decision, ensure that maternal and child health in order.

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