Contraception after birth

Contraception after birth
before many women immediately after birth raises the question of how to protect themselves from the repeated pregnancy, when and what methods of contraception can be used.

Sexual life after childbirth is not recommended to start earlier than 4-5 weeks, but many couples do not follow this and enter into an intimate relationship almost immediately.

You do not know everything, how to protect themselves from the repeated pregnancy, when and which contraceptives can be used, not to harm a nursing baby and the mother herself.

methods of contraception after delivery when breastfeeding

Argued that while a woman is breastfeeding, she is not pregnant.Indeed, after delivery in the body lactating women contains a high concentration of the hormone prolactin, which suppress ovary function.

But quite often the pregnancy still occurs, so you should pay attention to other, more reliable methods.

  1. sterilization.This method of contraception is suitable for women who do not plan to continue having children or for s
    ome reason the pregnancy is forbidden to them.Lies sterilization tubal ligation and is held in a hospital, often immediately after birth.
  2. use of condoms.They are effective in the period from birth to the possibility of installing an intrauterine device.On lactation condom does not have any harmful effects, but reduced sensitivity during sexual intercourse, that many do not like.
  3. IUD.It is recommended to install 6 weeks after birth.If labor were carried out by caesarean section, the spiral is permitted only after six months.Sets her obstetrician-gynecologist at the outpatient reception after the tests.After 5 years, it is desirable to remove the coil, it does the same doctor.IUD is contraindicated in uterine fibroids, uterine pathologies structure, inflammatory processes.
  4. Hormonal contraception for breastfeeding women is also possible, but it is recommended to use products that do not contain estrogen, as they are, even in small doses can reduce the quality and quantity of breast milk.Birth control pills containing progestogen only, are permitted, but on doctor's advice.

methods of contraception after childbirth without breastfeeding

If postpartum woman is not breastfeeding the baby, the first menstruation occurs within 6-8 weeks.After that the doctor prescribes birth control pills or recommended to put IUD.

But it is important to know that pregnancy can occur before the first menstrual period, so initially it is recommended to protect themselves by using condoms.

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