Virtual dating : where it leads online

Virtual dating : where it leads online
People are less likely to spontaneously get acquainted in the street, it is much easier to "add to friends" in one of the most popular social networks.Some virtual love grow into a love story or a strong friendship.But sometimes, on dating sites you can meet absolutely inadequate comrades.How to avoid the negative experience of virtual dating, and where to go in search of the second half?

options of virtual dating is now a great variety.Ten or fifteen years ago it was possible to make friends in "ICQ", indicating the number or user name at random.Popular were unpretentious conversations in chat rooms, city or nationwide.

Until now, people are looking for a buddy in living magazines, online forums.In recent years, especially active moving services designed specifically for lonely hearts.

In fact it is all the same dating sites, as before, only now to register or access to the profiles you must pay a small fee (often paid registration for men only).

Modern dating sites do not contain detailed informa

tion about the owner or the owner of the questionnaire, there is no verbose description, biography, listing all interests and personality traits.The most common profile can be found a couple of pictures, the purpose of registration and a brief comment, such as "sex does not offer."

Although it is often the search for light and no noncommittal relationships, men and women go to the sites of virtual dating.

Virtual dating: instruction manual

obvious advantage of virtual dating is that each person can expand your social circle, while being in the comfort zone.After all, if the communication was suddenly unpleasant, you can easily stop it.In addition, virtual dating allows a person to be who he wants to - people can invent new hobbies, talk about missing friends, imaginary journeys ...

Many sites indicate that their main goal - to give people an opportunity to communicate in the real world,not limited to the Internet.Therefore, the services allow participants to easily share contact details.It happens that an interesting conversationalist outside the online dating service is concerned joker.But in person it becomes clear that a person does not guarantee its photogenic attraction in real life.

Virtual dating almost guarantee that you are dealing with a man who really exists - with the same name, this looks and such a life.But then you do not have to be yourself, virtual dating allows participants to become different - more relaxed, sociable, active, initiative.To some extent, all this develops your imagination and ingenuity, eliminates the complexes and fears.

Men and women go on dating sites for different reasons, "a single mother looking for a decent man for living together and raising a child, a young man eager to light of short-term bonds, shopping girl looking for a roommate, a man forty years offering a joint vacation abroad."Perhaps most importantly make sure your goals coincide with the virtual acquaintances.

unlimited communication

Virtual dating globalization can be international.This is especially true if you know a foreign language.The obvious advantage of this online communication - the opportunity to practice written and spoken language.

Some virtual friends happy to visit each other's homes.But in a foreign country is always nice to have "his own man", it is better than any guidebook.Therefore, if you have the desire to travel, to practice the language, or even find love in an interesting country to you, you can easily register on the international dating site.

Virtual dating is not limited to specific Internet portals to find someone similar in spirit can be in the "Twitter", "Instagrame", "Facebook", "VKontakte" in the "Classmates" and other social networks.

Unlike dating sites, all social services help to look at the man before the start of communication.You can see who his friends, to assess his thoughts or preferences, what kind of music, movies, love, whether he shares the links which puts pictures and what is a virtual activity.

turns out that virtual dating save you time and energy, you find it easier to weed out unsuitable options to you, you do not spend time on long boring meetings and conversations, you do not need to do an interested look, you can easily stop the unpleasant conversation.But virtual dating can not guarantee that you have met the right person, because virtual and real people can be completely different.

Where to find

Even if your virtual dating experience proved unpleasant, do not despair.Firstly, every experience - an experience.And secondly, there are a lot of ways to meet the right person.

  • old acquaintance.Often the fate is much closer than you think.Classmates and male classmates would grow up over the years, and the girls - prettier.Or maybe someone from your friends or female friends have not had time to show their best side.
  • Friends of Friends.Ask if there are any among the friends of your friends the same lonely hearts as you are.Thanks to this method of dating, you will get adequate and reliable recommendation and subsequently be able to communicate easily in the same company.And even better familiarize yourself at a party, holidays, birthdays.
  • events.In our time, we carried a huge number of festivals, fairs and city festivals.Drop in at antikafe, which hosts a variety of activities, games, workshops and lectures of interest.The main thing is not to sit at home, be active, and maybe you will meet your other half at a concert of your favorite band.
  • general hobby.Interesting people attracted no less interesting people.So be proactive, creative and cheerful.Take care with what always wanted to do, let it be dancing, singing or fencing.Each such passion will bring you closer to your destiny.
  • Study.You need to develop and improve at any age.Maybe you've always wanted to learn a foreign language?Or get additional professional education?Any training courses - a great way to meet new people, and for the benefit of the mind.By the way, if you find it hard to start a conversation in real life, organize virtual acquaintances, creating a "group" or a share for their fellow students.
  • Clubs.Another useful way to health - to go to the sport.Girls can ask a young man liked to rearrange the load on the simulator, and the men, in turn, can make a nice compliment.The main thing is to be sociable and initiative.
  • Cafe quick singles.Women and men are placed at the tables in front of each other, they are given a small amount of time to chat.After the signal transplanted people and start a conversation with a new person.After the host announced the evening matched sympathy, and you can continue to communicate further.If your city has such a cafe - a must try, if only for the fun and diversity.But what if!

Do not focus on the virtual acquaintances, sometimes, to meet your soul mate, you need to break away from the smartphone screen and from the virtual world into the real return.

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