How do I get my husband to stop drinking

How do I get my husband to stop drinking
Unfortunately, many women suffer from the fact that the spouse is not indifferent to alcohol.How to be in such a situation?Can I make my husband stop drinking?

According to statistics, about 30 million men who drink in Russia.For each case - his own tragedy, their own reasons.To identify them, find the best in a particular situation, methods of treatment - not an easy task, but it is quite feasible.The main thing is to try to understand the man to help him in the solution of a serious problem.

Is there any diagnosis

Before the diagnosis, "my husband - an alcoholic," you need to understand whether it is true.If a man drinks occasionally and in moderation, does not suffer the next morning hangover, just goes to work, normally communicate with family and children, some special reason for alarm.

But if you are still concerned about the amount of alcohol drunk husband, some nuances of his behavior, you should see a specialist.From the doctor you will know whether or not the situation is alarming and th

at the need to take to get my husband to stop drinking or drink less to help him.

diagnosis "alcoholism" is placed only in a situation where a person spends all the money on a bottle a day can not live, not to drink, skip work.A man changing behavior: from once a kind and caring wife and father, he turns into indifference and even cruel, not in control of himself in a state of alcoholic intoxication, can raise their hand against the native people.There is a gradual degradation of the individual.Such a situation certainly requires a permit.

How can I help my husband stop drinking

When my husband comes home drunk, women often greet him about these words: "Again, a goat, get drunk!" Such techniques usually do not help, and often lead to opposite results.

To make her husband stop drinking, you first pay attention to the conditions of its capabilities of developing alcoholism.Maybe at work he made at the end of the day "relaxing" with employees of a jar of beer or something stronger still. Think maybe offer her husband change jobs.

Or if he often communicates with "friends" and an indispensable attribute of their conversations - Kripen'ka bottle, it is also necessary to talk with her husband, advised to meet with such less familiar or even stop chat with them.On how carefully ser e an off, with respect, you talk to the spouse, the result depends.

The conversation should be added that from his unpleasant tendencies suffering you and your children.If the husband is not running stage of alcoholism, he will think about your words, and it is possible to change its e habits, so as not to disturb the family.

Diseases as arguments to make her husband stop drinking

If the problem is with the prolonged alcoholism, then you may want to resort to the help of the doctor.Almost certainly a long time drinking man suffering from certain illnesses, such as liver disease and cardiovascular system.

Go to the doctor, explain the situation.Most likely, the doctor will send her husband on a comprehensive survey.Go to the clinic with him, as a man is often very difficult to convince to do health.If the doctor has any diagnosis, you will need to not only treat the wife, but also to use this diagnosis as an argument for the belief that it is necessary as soon as possible to stop drinking.

Hypnotize, encode

Another way to help my husband stop drinking - write it on reception to the expert in narcology.As a rule, such experts and experienced people in any conversation with the patient using hypnosis helps to make it on a subconscious level has reduced their need for alcohol.

can also use encryption, but one must understand that it is not always effectively, especially if the person does not come to a conclusion internally, you need to quit drinking.It is important that the person he wanted to get rid of addiction, only then you can expect a good result.

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