Atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels

Cerebral atherosclerosis : traditional medicine
Cerebral arteriosclerosis is one of the leading places in the structure of the causes of the world's population mortality.

Atherosclerosis - a disease in which the arteries as a result of their education in the wall of atherosclerotic plaques lose elasticity and significantly narrow its lumen.The result is greatly disturbed blood supply to the organ responsible for the food which the vascular bundle.

Since the artery is in all bodies, the Atherosclerosis can affect almost the entire body, including the brain.The main arteries of the brain responsible for the circulation of the blood, are the carotid and vertebral artery.It is their loss occurs in cerebral atherosclerosis.

Anxiety symptoms of atherosclerosis

At home cerebral atherosclerosis is simply called "sclerosis".About him say when they notice a violation of memory.

In addition, there are other symptoms of this disease.They evolve gradually, as the artery narrows not immediately.

man begins to complain of headaches, especially against fatig

ue.Concerned about noise and ringing in the ears, unsteady gait and dizziness.Disturbed vision in the form of flashing "flies" in front of his eyes.It becomes fuzzy, there is stumbling on syllables.

patient begins to bad sleep, often wakes up at night, he prefers to sleep during the day.He was not able to concentrate for a long time on some action, lost focus, suffers from memory.

main danger cerebrovascular atherosclerosis is the possibility of ischemic stroke.

cerebral vascular atherosclerosis Treatment

  • Diet - this is the first that prescribed by the physician in atherosclerosis.It is recommended to limit foods high in cholesterol and vitamin D. It is necessary to increase the share in the diet of foods rich in the amino acids methionine and choline, as they take cholesterol from the body (soybean, peas, potatoes, spinach, etc.).
  • dosage exercise.
  • treatment of opportunistic diseases - diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, contribute to the development of atherosclerosis.
  • Correction increased excitability of the nervous system - it is one of the factors of the disease.With a view to its light therapy prescribed anti-anxiety drugs and plant collections, as well as various baths (coniferous, oxygen, bromine and others.).
  • Vitamin therapy - vitamins B and C do not give lipoproteins penetrate the vessel wall.
  • aspirin - taking it in small doses every day prevents blood clots.
  • drugs that normalize the content of lipoproteins in the blood - they come in different directions: violating the absorption of cholesterol, reducing its synthesis in the liver, improve the excretion of "bad" lipoprotein cholesterol out of the body.Need a group of drugs the doctor chooses individually.

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