Folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins

Folk remedies for the treatment of varicose veins
Recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins.

Before talking about the popular methods of treatment of varicose veins, we note that such treatment should not in any way to cancel the traditional medical methods, because spontaneous completion of the prescribed treatment may negatively affect the development of the disease.

In addition, conservative methods of treatment of varicose veins rather used as a means to prevent further development of the disease, than to get rid of varicose veins already.The latter is performed using surgical procedures and other medical procedures.

Folk recipes treatment of varicose veins

One of the most important moments in the conservative treatment of varicose veins is the diet.The recipes of traditional medicine used sprouted grains of rye and wheat, lentils, onions, lettuce, soybean oil, which gives the elasticity of the veins, as well as rose hips, citrus, cherries, parsley, dill and tomatoes, making them more durable.

One of the main igredientov recipes folk medicine used in the treatment of varicose veins, are apples and honey.Especially revered by the following recipe:

3 medium sized apples (Antonovka better) pour boiling water and insist in a pan under the lid, packed in a blanket for four hours.Then mash the apples, and in the resulting infusion add honey.The resulting tool n receive are inside with honey - 50 g infusion + 1 tablespoon of honey in the morning on an empty stomach and before bedtime.

Healing seafood

squid, seaweed, shrimp, sea fish and other seafood are very useful for varicose veins, and are used in traditional practice as the prevention of venous diseases.Seafood contribute to the development of a substance, strengthens blood vessels, - elastin, which does not allow them to stretch and increases resistance to changes in pressure in the veins.

Getting rid of varicose veins: useful herbs

Applied and local treatment of varicose veins.Along with medicinal ointments and gels sold in the pharmacy network, folk remedies aim to stop the progression of varicose veins, as much as possible to reduce the symptoms and relieve the pain and other unpleasant phenomena.With this purpose substances having sosudoukreplyayuschim and analgesic effects, as well as substances that improve the rheological properties of the blood.

known positive properties of horse chestnut strengthens the walls of veins, reducing inflammation and normalizing blood clotting activity.Similar properties exhibit and other herbal preparations, such as field horsetail, knotweed, or Pulmonaria officinalis.

good anti-inflammatory properties have a plant rich in gallic acid and tannins (oak bark, leaves, buckthorn, etc.).

People's Councils for varicose

The people have long noticed that the best prevention of varicose veins - Moderate physical work and walking.Good help from the veins special exercises with the rise of the legs in the standing and lying position.

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