Algology : the science of pain

Algology : the science of pain
Algologiya - modern interdisciplinary science that studies the pain and ways to relieve pain.

Why pain

Pain has a special place in the sensory system of the person being, in essence, a sixth sense after sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

pain acts as an important signaling mechanism, warning the body of cells damaged.Without a sense of pain a person can not normally exist, however, breaking this mechanism sufficiently thin often leads to a complete organism maladjustment.

Science algologiya

Algologiya (from the Greek «algos» - «pain») - the science that studies pain.She was born the science relatively recently at the intersection of scientific disciplines relevant to human pain sensations: anesthesiology, oncology, neurosurgery, pharmacology, psychiatry, psychology, etc.

Now there was a separate medical specialty in some countries - algolog, iephysicians involved in the clinical diagnosis of the problems and their pain relief.In addition, there is a concept foreign clinics pain-manager - a

specialist in pain relief.

algologii The main problems are the very failures of pain sensitivity of the body - chronic pain and severe acute pain with no known cause.In the scope of diseases and conditions requiring intervention algologa include:

  • malignant tumors,
  • headache, neuralgia
  • ,
  • pain in lesions of the spinal column,
  • phantom pain
  • other diseases.

Diagnostics pain algologii

Besides crafts issue of pain relief and the creation of more sophisticated and selective analgesics algologiya also raises the question of improving the quality of diagnosis of pain and creating a universal pain intensity scale with the ability to calibrate a particular person.

now considered the standard visual analog scale (VAS, VAS), which allows the suffering person on their own to determine the intensity of their pain.However, the high degree of subjectivity of the method and the difference in interpretation of the results from the various experts have repeatedly evoked in the scientific community and practitioners just a desire to replace this scale to something more objective.

Means for relieving pain

algologi scientists engaged in the gradual empowerment of electro effects on the conduct pain impulses.For example, using an electromagnetic wave is now applied distant (non-contact) method violations of the nerve impulses.

Other promising areas include improving algologii pumps with analgesics for continuous wear and special implants spinal cord at the battery.

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