The dangerous patent foramen ovale

The dangerous patent foramen ovale
patent foramen ovale - an element of the fetal heart structure.Is it dangerous to its existence after the birth?

patent foramen ovale - shaped in utero valve connection between the atria.It provides the blood supply to the fetus brachiocephalic region.In normal development after birth, it grows.However, more than 30% of the people oval window is ajar life.

Terms overgrown oval window

Normally, this occurs in the first 2-3 months of life, but the process may take up to 2 years.Sometimes the window can be closed up to 4-5 years.And not all the valve is completely overgrown.In 30-40% of adults hole between the atria is not completely closed.

Why not close the window

reason may be unfavorable conditions during the mother's pregnancy: a bad environment, chemical effects on the body (smoking, alcohol), heredity.

most frequently patent foramen ovale is found in preterm children, immature, with abnormal fetal development period.Detect open hole while listening phonendoscope - noise that is listened to

the heart, as well as ultrasound.

When to sound alarm

first outward signs of patent foramen ovale in a child - shortness of breath and frequent palpitations during feeding, lethargy, severe pallor or cyanosis (blue) lips or nasolabial triangle when coughing, crying;poor appetite and poor weight gain.

window is open: to watch or act

If the child has an open oval window is not accompanied by other signs of heart failure, need a regular follow pediatrician, pediatric cardiologist and echocardiography.It is necessary to wait until it heal itself.

The dangerous patent foramen ovale

oval window, if the gap is small, is not dangerous.But the oval window related diseases can throw the blood from the right atrium to the left, passing the light and thereby causing changes in the cardiovascular system.When a person open oval window causes complications, any activity related to physical activity.There are a number of professions that are contraindicated for people with disorders described.

Paradoxical embolism

patent foramen ovale dangerous development embolism when thrombus, bacteria, gas bubbles enter the venous system directly from the arterial, and a left side of the heart - in the renal arteries, spleen, limbs, coronary arteries.Embolism can cause a stroke.

patent foramen ovale in pregnant

Due to the enormous strain on the heart women with patent foramen ovale is sent to a specialized hospital with cardiac profile.Of particular risk is a combination of patent foramen ovale with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, or pulmonary disease.

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