Labradoodle : smart and loyal assistant

Labradoodle : smart and loyal assistant
It is not yet fully formed hybrid breed of dog.All of labraduddle.

name of the breed first appeared in 1955 in a book by Donald Campbell.Labradoodle he called a hybrid breed, the resulting by crossing poodles and Labradors.The name stuck.These dogs became known only in 1988, when they began to breed as guide dogs, Australian breeders.

Labraduddl Breed Story

Breed conclusion to combine factors such as the nature of softness and excellent learning common to all Labradors, with low susceptibility to moult poodles that would keep such dogs for people who are allergic to wool.The request for the withdrawal of such dogs has been received from a blind woman.She needed a guide dog, but did not want to cause suffering to her husband, who was allergic to dog hair.One of the puppies Labradoodle did not cause her husband a woman allergic reactions, so the animal is trained guide.

In Australia, there is a special organization dedicated to training dogs of any breed skills guide.After the case of the above th

ere began to prepare and Labradoodle.Now these animals are very popular as guide dogs, besides Labradoodle is gaining popularity as a family dog.

Labradoodle has a good health, but he inherits from his parents a number of genetic diseases.The most likely is the eye disease and hip dysplasia, so you need to check the dogs before mating.

breed standards

This breed is not yet completely formed, and is under active development.As a result, it is almost impossible to predict the response of puppies.There is no clear definition of the appearance, physical properties and the dogs temperament.

coat can be soft or rigid, straight or curly.These dogs are less likely to moult than their ancestors Labradors, and less smell.

Color is chocolate, cream, gold, apricot, gray, beige, red, black, silver, white or tortoiseshell.

dog's size depends entirely on what the dimensions were her poodle parent.There are standard and miniature dogs.


speak about the current temperament of the breed due to his youth is not possible, however, you can describe the main features of the behavior of these dogs.

Labradoodle usually very friendly.These animals were brought to the people they were helping, and they do an excellent job.Due to its hypoallergenic, which is manifested in each of Breed in varying degrees, these animals can keep even allergies.Labradoodle loves children, he was happy to participate in their games, and is a good nanny.These dogs love to run, they need constant exercise and long walks.They love the water, great swimming, and can work lifeguard, although this is not their specialty.

This is the smartest dog.They are quickly trained, all easily understand and perform any command.Labradoodle differs acumen to enable it to make independent decisions.These dogs - the best companion for a person, they are faithful and loyal, quick to learn to understand the host.Animals alien aggression, they never quarrel with other dogs, with the obligatory host defense.


Labradoodle is fast becoming a favorite of the whole family - he bribes his kindness, intelligence and devotion, and limitless patience.But do not forget that his coat requires regular care, it should be washed at least once a month and comb, and even better - to do this every two weeks and a half, because the wool stalling should not be allowed.

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