Munchkin almost dog

Munchkin almost dog
This unusual cat loves to run around the house and frolic in the street.All Breed minskin.

minskin was the result of a long selection work, which took place in Boston TRT cattery.Initially held breeding work aimed at obtaining a cross between a Munchkin and Sphynx.Progeny was sick and had some hereditary diseases.But since it is capable of further propagation, it was decided to hold the crossing with other breeds.

Having considered all options, breeders chose the Burma and Devon Rex.It gave a positive result: the offspring become more healthy and viable.Breeders decided to name the new breed minskin (min - short legs and skin - skin).It adequately describes the main features of the breed.

History of breed minskin

first cat that fully meets the standards of modern minskin, appeared in 2000.Over the next five years, breeders have tried to preserve the breed, to bring them under the outward signs of one standard and increase the number of individuals.It was a difficult task.Breeders had to seek help

from other cat kennels Boston.In 2005, there were already 50 representatives minskin breed.This amount was sufficient to refer to one of the most famous feline organizations - TICA.It recognized the new breed and has made it standard.

Now minskin bit.Their breeding are engaged only a few nurseries worldwide.Even with a lot of money, buy this kitten is very difficult.

Appearance minskin

minskin have very short legs.This hereditary trait got them from one of their ancestors - Munchkin.In spite of the short legs, the animal may be quite mobile and move smartly.Front feet slightly shorter rear.This rump cat is lying over the chest area while driving.Weight average representative of the breed is typically less than 3.5 kg.

head is small and oval.The muzzle is stretched forward and a bit like a dog.Ears are large, especially when compared with the size of the head are rounded at the ends and have unusual mobility even for cats.

eyes are large and expressive.Standard two colors identified - blue and yellow, the eyes can be a different color.This happens very rarely and, according to breeders, due to the short fur gene.

Tail minskin no different thickness, but very flexible and muscular.As munchkins, this breed loves to use it as a backup when standing on its hind legs.This allows the animal to better look around the neighborhood.

the Sphinx minskin got very short hair.It may even seem that it is completely absent.To the touch, it reminds cashmere.

coat color in the breed almost does not matter because of its invisibility, therefore estimated at exhibitions.

Character minskin

minskin have a good character and is very loyal to his master.They prefer to allocate one person in the family, which is particularly attached.The animal is constantly trying to be with him and not behind him a single step.Minskin bored and can get depressed when a loved one is absent for a long time.

Despite the small stature and short legs, this breed is very mobile and active.It seeks to explore every corner of the house.When the animal can not jump on any piece of furniture, it is calling the owners and meow requests to lift it.

minskin recommended for families that contain other cats.This breed does not conflict with neighbors and loves communication.

Care breed

Despite the fact that minskin mobile enough at a young age, they become more relaxed after the third year of life.If the animal stops running, the muscles weaken and can cause several diseases associated with the spine.To avoid this, it is required to hold regular outdoor exercise and play with animals.

Regular inspections allow the veterinarian to detect the early stages of any disease and take all necessary measures to treat it.

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