Italian Greyhound : a small one and a great hunter

Italian Greyhound : a small one and a great hunter
mobile and graceful decorative dog breed Greyhound.

Italian Greyhound, Italian greyhound, or - one of the oldest breeds of dogs.They can be called ideal dogs: they are beautiful, smart, kind, at the same time have an excellent combination of parameters.

Italian Greyhound Breed Story

Predecessors of this breed are ancient Egyptian greyhounds.The mummified body of a very small dog found in the tomb of Pharaoh.

There are several legends about the Italian Greyhound.One of them says that the king Cambyses ordered the killing of all the relatives of the defeated pharaoh after the capture of Egypt, and his younger son to give up in the desert to die.

Warriors Cambyses did not notice a small dog, a running track.She guarded the baby for a long time.They found the child on the bells attached to the dog's collar.

Italian Greyhound were very popular in ancient Rome.They were well cared for, smeared with spices, and laid to sleep on silk cushions.

peak of popularity of the breed has been made in the Rena

issance.Lavretki lived in the homes of many wealthy Italians.Their images are found in the paintings of great artists.Italian Greyhound were popular and royals.They loved Catherine II and Queen Victoria.

breed standards

levretki elongated body fits into a square and its forms reproduce in miniature greyhound.Representatives of this breed can be considered as the standard of originality and elegance.

skull in Italian greyhound flat transition from the muzzle pointed to his forehead marked weak.Elongated jaws and teeth strong and healthy.Eyes are planted deep, dark color.The ears are small, expressive.

neck is thin and long, with graceful curves, blending smoothly into the narrow shoulders.Back muscular loin is harmoniously blending into the line of croup bend.The tail is thin, tapering to an end.

The front legs are straight, the back has a slight bend.Limbs have IGs thin, with a very light bones.These dogs move harmoniously, springy gait, but not the Harz.Gallop is very fast with sharp spring.

height of the dog at the withers is about 32-38 cm, adult weight must not exceed 5 kg.

Coat IG thin, short all over the body.No slightest traces of feathering.Color is gray, red, blue and black - of all possible shades.White is not allowed, however, possible in the legs or chest.


Italian greyhound graceful, their agility can be compared with a cat.They have tremendous jumping ability, full of energy and love to move, because it is still a very real greyhounds.

By the nature of the individual differ quite strongly.If you need to raise a dog toy - Italian greyhound is perfect for this role.They often give birth to the elderly or single people - the dogs of this breed need a master's attention, they are glad to human society, and treated him with inexpressible tenderness.

best reward your pet will be able to lie down in your legs or sit on your lap.Due to the small size levretki can go to the toilet, like cats, and do not leave the house.

If you want fast and hardy dog ​​from levretki can make true-runner athlete.Properly trained animal can develop a fantastic speed.In Italy even use Italian Greyhounds to hunt rabbits - these dogs the strength to catch up fast and hold the animal until the arrival of the hunter.

Italian greyhound - the perfect companion for active lifestyles, they will be happy to accompany the owner to hike or trip.

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