Longhair Selkirk Rex : curly affectionate cat

Longhair Selkirk Rex : curly affectionate cat
These funny and sweet fluffy creatures will become a great companion to other cats and enrich host loneliness.All about the breed longhair Selkirk Rex.

history of the breed dates back to 1987 when a small shelter for animals of Wyoming, USA, lambing ordinary cat, which turned out to be among the offspring of a small miracle with curly, like a lamb, fur and curled mustache.This is an interesting three-colored cat in the hands of the breeder Jerry Newman and became the founder of Selkirk Rex.More breed developed and improved.

One of the Persians was skreshivanie extreme type to derive long-haired Selkirk Rex.Until recently, until 2010, some infusion of foreign blood and crossing with Selkirk-Straight (Labrador Selkirk descendants) have been resolved in this breed, but after 2015 of outcrossing will be completely closed.These cats were Rex are named by analogy with the Devon Rex and Cornish Rex due to the unusual structure of the wool, and the first part of the name "Selkirk Rex" was the surname of her

stepfather breeder curly creatures Jerry Newman.According to another version, Selkirk should be required to its name rises in the vicinity of the house Newman mountains.

Longhair Selkirk Rex breed description

Long-haired Selkirk Rex - pretty powerful, larger than average, physically strong creatures.Even the cats of this breed can not be called elegant, not to mention the cats.They are stocky, broad-chested, with an impressive round paws.

Selkirk have broad rounded head with a short, almost square muzzle.Their large eyes are always round, without a hint of oriental, and wide-set.Partly because of the muzzle and eyes resemble Selkirk bears.As for the color of eyes and wavy coat, then there are no restrictions here.The main thing that was a correspondence between them.

Soft curls fur falls especially heavily twisting the neck, abdomen, chest and pants.Curl can change the quality depending on the age, color and health status of cats, as well as climate and time of year.Karakulchovye two-day kittens with age lose the sheep curls, and only closer to 9-10 months they come back.For some individuals curl can be softer, less pronounced, while the other retains a distinct shape always.


extraordinary "sheep" appearance Selkirk has a tenderness and affection.And these curly create affection and warmth meet the owner, allowing himself to squeeze, stroke, and be on hand.

Selkirk Rex - amazing humming, singing a song for every occasion.They are very fond of the people selflessly playing with children and dogs.The cat's company, they also do not create a conflict, do not try to dominate and impose its supremacy.

Selkirk Rex - peaceful as a lamb, and fun, like bears, will in any home everyone's favorite.

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