Leonberger : kind and caring giant

Leonberger : kind and caring giant
All of unusual breed Leonberger.

Leonberger distinguished by their enormous size.They are striking natural beauty and power.However, by nature, these dogs are very quiet and peaceful, never showed aggression and are excellent companions - faithful, intelligent and incorruptible.

Leonberger Breed Story

Today known two versions of the origin of the breed.

Officially known canine breeder Heinrich Essig in the early 40-ies of the XIX century in the town of Leonberg decided to bring the breed dogs that would be like the one shown on the coat of arms of the city of Lion.According to the extant records, first Essig crossed Newfoundland and St. Bernard.After that, using the method of inbreeding for four generations and then crossing the resulting offspring with Pyrenean mountain Shepherd and St. Bernard, he got a big dog - a hardy and strong.The first name of the breed appeared in 1848.Later Essig worked on the color of the dog, trying to bring it to the golden-red, reminiscent of a lion.

In 1948 the club established Leonberger lovers, whose goal is to recreate the breed almost destroyed during the First World War.Today, there are about eight thousand.

According to an alternative version, considered to be the ancestor of the leonberger is not a Saint Bernard and another dog called Leonberger - the title area.These guard dogs bred in nurseries in the XVII century, long before the birth Essig.He revived the almost extinct breed.

breed standards

Leonberger - a very big, strong and muscular dog, while remaining elegant.Males have a particularly powerful addition.

Skull in Leonbergers massive, strong, with a rather long snout.Jaws powerful, excellent bite, strong and durable teeth.Eyes are brown - from the lightest to the darkest shades.

Neck strong, muscular, with a slight bend, blending smoothly into the long arms.The back is broad, powerful and strong loin.His chest leonberger wide, similar in shape to an oval.Legs very strong, the legs are straight, toes arched.Moves Leonberger flourish, pushing the powerful and strong, can develop a good speed.

height of adult males at the withers should not be less than 80 cm and females -. 70 cm As with any other dog breed giant, there is no upper limit on growth.The more your pet will grow better, but it should remain proportional and able to work.

Coat Leonberger is quite long, the body fits snugly.Its softness varies from medium to coarse.These dogs present a good undercoat.However, it does not interfere to determine the shape of the body.In the male mane is especially noticeable on the chest and neck.

The color can be yellow, red, red-brown, pale yellow and creamy, allowed any combination of these colors.The availability of the black mask, black tips are permissible as body hair, but they do not need to set the tone.It is also possible a small white spot on chest.


Leonberger Leonberger is an excellent family dog.He has excellent personal qualities, such as loyalty, dedication and the ability to be unobtrusive.These dogs love their owners and their families, are able to take care of children, which Leonberger believe their wards and very carefully watch over.Despite its enormous size, they are extremely difficult to derive from themselves, they are calm and peaceful.These animals can be taken with you everywhere, they will help and support the owner in any situation.

Leonberger perfectly trained, they are obedient and attentive.These dogs are immune to noise, self-confident, but we are ready to obey.The legendary equanimity makes imbued with a grudging respect for these beautiful creatures.They can be used as a guard, companion or to keep as pets.

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